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Site Relevancy: The Latest Maven Web Add-On


Maven X launched the Site Relevancy add-on on Maven Web, providing businesses with deeper insights into website performance and user behavior. This feature includes a bi-annual analysis review to help businesses fine-tune design and functionality and stay ahead of the competition. Three subscription options are available, ranging from $20 to $100 per month, to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.


ChatGPT Wrote Our SEO


ChatGPT is a free AI-powered chatbot that provides SEO assistance by using data from over 50 million articles on Wikipedia and other large bodies of text. The chatbot can answer questions about SEO in natural language, learn through training and observation, and help generate SEO content. However, it is limited by its programming and may not provide the best SEO results, as it cannot limit the total character count and the data used is uncertain. The future of ChatGPT in SEO writing remains uncertain and depends on the model having real data from real users and interactions with search engines.

So what does ChatGPT do well with SEO?

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