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One Package. Everything You Need.

One Package. Everything You Need.

Website design has always been a nightmare for most people. It’s hard, complicated, and usually expensive.

The Maven X Web Package is designed to be simple, yet transparent, and give you everything you need to get your website online. All the work is done by us so you can continue to focus on your business.

What’s Included.

All the stuff you need and none that you don’t, makes this a must have for your business.

Hosting (3 Months Included)

We host using an industry leading cloud provider. Fast, secure, and available.

Domain Name

Choose your custom domain and have it linked to your new site.

Site Maintenance

Make sure your site is running smoothly and the tech stays up to date.

24 Hours of Custom Design

These design hours are used to design your website. Note that some sites may take longer than 24 hours of designing to complete.

Basic SEO

Each page on your site will have basic SEO. This allows Google and other search engines to find your website.

Training Video Library Access (Coming Soon)

Our library on Maven Edu has must watch videos to help get you introduced to your new site. Feel empowered to own your website.

2021 website Stats

Which Side of the Statistics Are You On?

The percentage of people who use the internet to find local businesses.
The percentage of small businesses who do not have a website.
The percentage of people who will stop engaging with a site with an unappealing design.
The time it takes for a website visitor to form an opinion of the site they are visiting.

Just like your business, a website starts with a vision. We take that vision and make a plan.


From that plan, we bring the vision to life. We keep you involved in every step to ensure we exceed your vision.


Upon publishing, enjoy your new site! We know that you and your customers will love it!

This is a truly spectacular theme! The custom page builder is definitely one of the most intuitive and user-friendly page builders I’ve ever used.

Bruce Wayne


Our Clients Who Use Maven Web.

“Maven X took our website to a whole new level, it’s sleek, it’s quick and it performs. We couldn’t ask for anything more. I highly recommend working with Maven if you want an amazing website with phenomenal management.”

COO – ProFXFunding

We haven’t had a business website ever but we started to see that word of mouth wasn’t going to be enough anymore. It was finally time to get online and the website Maven X designed was better than we expected! We are extremely satisfied with the design, the website, and the service we received through our Maven Web package.

Owner – Get It Clean Miami

Live Client Sites.

See our work in action! We have partnered with a few of our Web clients to share their sites with you.

Click the boxes to view their live sites.

PA Church Insurers

Located in Central Pennsylvania, PA Church Insurers Agency LLC, has been providing insurance and risk management services throughout the state for over 30 years.

Miami G

Miami G is a tourism expert providing experiences across Miami, FL.

Cam Meunier Portfolio

Cam Meunier is a content creator, day trader, and salesman.

Tax & Consulting

Tax and Consulting is a tax and business consulting firm located in Miami, FL

Valley Sky Tours

An airplane sight-seeing company located in the heart of Pennsylvania.

Total # of Site Users
Delivery Time
Total # of Site Impressions
Site Uptime
Clients Who Love Our Work

Full Package Offerings.

Want more information than the highlights? Then this section is for you! Below is the full list of services which come in the Web package.

  • Website Hosting
  • Automatic Daily Backups
  • Ongoing Site Maintenance
  • Custom Site Design
  • Custom Email Configuration
  • Domain Name
  • Basic SEO
  • Cloud Scalability
  • Website Training Videos (Available Soon)

Use Cases.

Download our custom specific use case solutions to see how Maven Web and all other Maven X services can help you achieve your business objectives. 

It’s no surprise that you need to have a website to reach customers online. Websites and website builders have been around for years now, and they are getting better. But why would you want to hire a professional web designer to design your website compared to using a simple website builder? That’s what we are going to find out in this use case!

In this use case, we will learn why you should have your website designed by a web designer, the limitations of website builders, and why you may want to get your website refreshed based on current online trends.

→ Click to Download the Maven Web Base Package Use Case Document 

Strategy can make or break an implementation of any kind. A lack of technical knowledge can make it frustrating to be able to create the plan itself or implement the desired solution. If you want to take your team online, you need to have a proper plan and the right tools for the job to ensure that the transition is the best that it can be. Hiring a professional in this space can save so much time, money, and frustration by giving you the best customized and professional solution that is exactly what you need.

In this use case, we will learn why utilizing Maven Strategy is best to ensure that the best solution is selected and that the implementation can be as seamless as possible. We will see how through Maven Web and Maven Strategy you can take your team online and improve productivity and collaboration through automation, clarity, and the right tools for the job.

→ Click to Download the Maven Web Bringing Your Team Online Use Case Document 

This use case is coming soon.

This use case is coming soon.

This use case is coming soon.

Content and media are crucial to every business. More than ever, there are media first companies due to the online nature of business which offers customers from all over the world. Current off-the-shelf (OTS) video distribution platforms offer little or limited customization into how the distribution will work, be branded, and achieve the goals you and your business may have for the platform. You could of course build your own distribution platform, but it’s highly technical and very complicated to ensure that proper service is provided to your customers. In this document a video distribution platform can be also called a content delivery network (CDN).

In this use case, we will learn if a video distribution platform is right for you, learn about the issues other video distribution platforms cause, how Maven X can create a video distribution platform for you, and other critical business details that are involved.

→ Click to Download the Maven Web Video Distribution Platform Use Case Document 


The Web package is worry free. Never again have to worry about your website and online appearance. Get back to focusing on your business and leave the rest to us.

Maven Web Package
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Want to Make Your Own Websites?

If you’re interested in learning how to make your own website instead of Maven Web or want to tweak your existing Maven Web site, we have the course for you!

Check out the Maven Edu “How to Customize HTML Site Templates for Beginners” course. This course is designed to teach you the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript so that you can create and customize your own website with ease.

Preview the course with the video on the right and start building your own website today!




Sometimes the base package isn’t enough, that’s why we gladly offer add-ons that strategically supplement the package! If you would like upgrades to your package, we have you covered with some amazing services to add incredible value to your website and business. 

Site Relevancy Review

Get deeper insights into your website’s performance with the Maven Web Site Relevancy add-on. Track user behavior, fine-tune your site’s design and functionality, and get comprehensive statistics with a bi-annual analysis report from Maven X. Stay ahead of the competition and create a better user experience.

Custom Video Distribution Platform

A custom video distribution platform that allows you to deliver video content to your customers.

Highly Available Design

Boost your website’s user experience with a Highly Available Design! We’ll create servers in multiple data centers and offer extra services to keep your site close to your customers and more robust.

Additional Design Hours

Additional hours to continue designing your site.

1-On-1 Website Training

Training with our web designers to get you familiar with your new site.

Custom Website Course

Custom designed course based on your website to train employees on how to use and manage.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Specifically targeted SEO on each page of your site for better search engine visibility.

Web Presence

Know where customers look for you online, and allow Maven X to manage it for you.

Ecommerce Package

Want to sell online? Maven X can add an online store to your site. Sell and take payments online.

E-Commerce Maintenance Package

Ensure your store is kept up to date and working properly to ensure the best experience for your customers.

Managed Google Workspace

An all in one package of Google business apps to keep you and your business organized.

1-On-1 Workspaces Training

Training with our Workspaces professionals to get you familiar and up to speed with your Workspaces setup.

Custom Workspaces Course

Custom designed course based on your Workspaces configuration to train employees on how to use and manage their work.


A collection of our most asked questions to provide more insight!

What if I need more than 24 hours of web design time?

Most complex websites will require more than 24 hours of web design time. Additional consulting hours can be purchased as an add-on. If there will be a significant amount of additional hours needed, our team is more than willing to work on a package of hours to help complete the site and deliver exactly what you are looking for.

Where is my website hosted?

We utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS)! AWS is industry leading in cloud services. Most of your favorite websites are hosted on AWS; Netflix, Spotify, and Hulu are all on AWS.

Being hosted on a cloud computing service allows for Maven X to quickly upgrade and expand your website’s capabilities when needed. For example, if you are having a massive sale and are expecting 3X web traffic in a week; your website can be scaled up temporarily to handle the traffic and scaled back down to save on hosting costs during low utilization times!

Can I upgrade my hosting speed later?

Absolutely! If you need your hosting speed upgraded temporarily (a few days or weeks at a time) or upgraded permanently, we have you covered. Simply reach out to our team and we will let you know the price changes.

Prices are subject to change based on AWS’ prices.

What's included in the site maintenance?

The site maintenance includes website updates such as core updates, theme updates, and plugin updates. Additionally, we keep your database and the underlying website infrastructure up-to-date.

Why is this important? As software is released new bugs and vulnerabilities are discovered and later patched. This helps keep your website running smoothly and keeps it secure.

Why would I purchase custom courses?

Custom courses are created and designed specifically for you, your website, and setup. These courses are to help you and your team learn how to perform specific tasks on your website. These courses empower you to take control of your own website without the need for Maven X to update for you.

What is the Web Presence add-on?

Web Presence is an add-on that helps you identify where your clients and customers are looking for you. Once we identify those locations we will request updates from you monthly and update all these locations for you.

For example, if you are a pizza shop with an online website. Customers might be looking for you on: Uber Eats, Slice Life, Doordash, Google My Business, Google Maps, Apple Maps, etc. They could be looking at how to order or what your hours are. We keep all those places up to date so that you don’t disappoint your customers with out of date information at places you weren’t aware of.

What is the monthly fee for?

The monthly fee for Maven Web is for the following:

  1. Monthly Hosting Fees
  2. Monthly Domain Fees
  3. Maven X Maintenance Fees

Instead of setting up billing for the various services, we purchase them on your behalf and bundle it together for you.

🌐 Let’s Get Your Business Online!

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Maven Web is one package and everything you need. Learn about the benefits to the Maven Web Package and how it can transform your business and its online presence.

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