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Check posture. Re-Align. Improve.

Check Posture. Re-Align. Improve.

Cyber security often isn’t performed properly by most small to medium sized businesses. In a recent shift in hacker behavior, hackers now focus a great deal on small-medium sized businesses due to their poor cyber security.

The Maven Cyber package is designed to be a turnkey solution for small-medium businesses to tackle and control their security presence online.

Make sure that your business isn’t the next one involved in a breach.

Maven Cyber Professional Services.

Maven Cyber Professional Services provides additional cybersecurity offerings for larger businesses. Utilizing our team’s background and specialization in cybersecurity we are able to provide various types of assessments to help provide you and your business with documented assurance on your cybersecurity posture.

What’s Included.

All the stuff you need and none that you don’t, makes this a must have for your business.

Monthly Website Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability scanning is a security process that involves scanning a website with a tool that has identified attack signatures from known hacks.

Enhanced Website Application Firewall Setup

A Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a set of eyes watching your website 24/7 to prevent attacks, monitor activity, and report any issues or ongoing attacks.

One Free Annual Physical Security Assessment

Is your storefront’s wi-fi and network secure? Maven X will determine how secure your network is and make the appropriate changes.

MDM Setup (Up to 25 Devices)

Mobile device management ensures that you have control over the devices storing your data, including business and employee owned devices.

Downtime Monitoring

If your website ever goes down Maven X will know immediately and bring your website back up as soon as possible.

DDoS Monitoring

Distributed denial of service, DDoS, is a common attack used by attackers to disrupt traffic to websites. Maven X will monitor and ensure that an DDoS attacks are stopped once they begin.

2021 Small Business Cyber security stats

Which Side of the Statistics Are You On?

The percentage increase in small business cyber breaches from 2020 to 2021.
The percentage of small businesses that go out of business within six months following a cyber attack.
The percentage of cyber attacks that target small businesses.
One attack is all it takes to ruin your business.
Check Posture

Not sure of your business’s security posture? Cyber constantly checks on your posture so that you always have the most up to date information.


Technology is always changing. If there is a finding or issue with your online presence, Maven X will re-align you back to industry standards.


Ensure that your security is always improving. By keeping industry standards it makes it harder for attackers to break into your online presence.

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Our Clients Who Use Maven Cyber.

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Package Demos.

Still not sure what is included in the Maven Cyber package? Dive in and get your hands on the tools and deliverables you will receive every month!

All Package Demos are Coming Soon!

Sample Scan Report (Coming Soon!)

Each month, if you opt to, receive this report as status.

DDoS Attack Simulation (Coming Soon!)

Take a look at how we monitor your website for a DDoS attack.

Active Attack WAF Demonstration (Coming Soon!)

Get a look into how we monitor your website for attacks.

Vulnerability Scanning Tool Demo (Coming Soon!)

Watch a demonstration of our scanning tool and how it works.

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Full Package Offerings.

Want more information than the highlights? Then this section is for you! Below is the full list of services which come in the Cyber package.

  • Monthly Vulnerability Scanning
  • Enhanced Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Annual Physical Network Check up
  • MDM Setup (25 Devices)
  • Downtime Monitoring
  • DDoS Monitoring
  • Biannual Domain Health Check

Use Cases.

Download our custom specific use case solutions to see how Maven Cyber and all other Maven X services can help you achieve your business objectives. 

This use case is coming soon.

This use case is coming soon.

This use case is coming soon.

This use case is coming soon.

This use case is coming soon.


The Cyber package gives you peace of mind that you have protection over your business’s digital presence.

Maven Cyber Package

$TBD/ one-time + $TBD/ month

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Take your security to the next level with our Cyber Add-Ons!

Finding Remediation Consulting

Something come up in a scan? Maven X will fix it up to make sure the finding has been squashed.

Additional MDM Setup

Have more than 25 devices? Purchase additional MDM device setup.

Bi-Annual Phishing Test

Test your employees and train them to better spot phishing attempts. Phishing is one of the top successful attack methods used by hackers.


A collection of our most asked questions to provide more insight!

Why do I need Maven Cyber? My website was already designed by Maven X or was created secure.

Of course, when designed and delivered, Maven X designed websites are secured by design. As websites age things become out-of-date, software has bugs, and holes can slowly develop even in the best designed websites in the world. Maven X uses vulnerability scans, Web Application Firewalls, and other security tools to watch your website and keep it up-to-date and healthy.

With Maven Cyber we take a proactive approach to prevent hacks and attackers from breaching your website.

What is a vulnerability scan?

Maven X uses top of the line scanning tools to scan your website for vulnerabilities. A vulnerability is a weakness which can be exploited by a hacker, such as an attacker, to cross privilege boundaries within a computer system.

A vulnerability scan is used to assess computers, networks or applications for known weaknesses. This allows Maven X to properly protect your website before a hack could happen.

What makes a firewall enhanced?

A web application firewall is a specific form of application firewall that filters, monitors, and blocks web traffic to and from a web service.

These firewalls aren’t as simple as enabling it and that’s it. Maven X will setup specific rules and settings that are custom to your site and its functionality.

What is included with the on site physical security assessment?

If you operate a physical store location it is important to perform checks of your physical network from time to time.

Maven X will go on site once a year to check: wireless settings, separate network traffic, change passwords, check the on-site firewall, and more.

Are DoS attacks really that common to businesses?

Yes! Denial of Service, or Distributed Denial of Service, attacks are common. They can happen either by accident (poor security or system configurations with legitimate web traffic) or maliciously (by someone targeting your website specifically).

A DoS attack will make your website and systems unavailable to legitimate traffic until the attack ends.

What is the monthly fee for?

The monthly fee for Maven Cyber is for the following:

  1. Vulnerability Scanning Service
  2. The Web Application Firewall Service
  3. MDM Software and Service
  4. Maven X Maintenance Fees

Instead of setting up billing for the various services, we purchase them on your behalf and bundle it together for you.

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Maven Cyber helps you to check your posture, re-align, and improve your business’s cyber security. Discover how Maven Cyber can help protect your business.

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