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Maven Cyber.

Cyber security often isn’t performed properly by most small to medium sized businesses. In a recent shift in hacker behavior, hackers now focus a great deal on small-medium sized businesses due to their poor cyber security.

Maven Cyber packages are designed to be a turnkey solution for small-medium businesses to tackle and control their security presence online.

Make sure that your business isn’t the next one involved in a breach.

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Who Is Maven Cyber For?

Maven Cyber offers cutting-edge cyber security services for businesses prioritizing online safety. Whether you’re looking for online security, employee training, or more, Maven Cyber is equipped to meet all your security needs!

  • Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

  • E-Commerce Platforms

  • Healthcare Organizations

  • Financial Institutions

  • Non-Profit Organizations

  • Startups

  • Legal Firms

  • Hospitality Industry

  • Real Estate Companies

  • Technology and SaaS Companies

Maven Cyber Professional Services.

Maven Cyber Professional Services provides additional cybersecurity offerings for larger businesses. Utilizing our team’s background and specialization in cybersecurity we are able to provide various types of assessments to help provide you and your business with documented assurance on your cybersecurity posture.

Maven Cyber Packages.

All the stuff you need and none that you don’t, makes this a must have for your business.

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Website Protection.

Maven Cyber Security Essentials Package

The Maven Cyber Security Essentials Package delivers foundational, meticulously integrated cybersecurity, offering a safeguarded, fortified digital presence, for WordPress sites.

Ideal for clients with WordPress websites seeking essential enhanced digital security.

Maven Cyber Security Advanced Package

The Maven Cyber Security Advanced Package is crafted for entities seeking unparalleled online safeguarding, integrating elevated defensive layers and comprehensive monitoring, beyond the foundational Essentials Package.

Ideal for mature digital businesses, high-traffic websites, e-commerce majors, tech-savvy content platforms, and regulated industries requiring stringent compliance and top-tier security solutions.

Employee Training.

Maven Cyber Managed Employee Security Awareness Program

The Maven Cyber Managed Employee Security Awareness Program combines cutting-edge technology and continuous education. This package provides organizations with both online employee training and a  platform with real-world phishing scenarios.

Ideal for expanding corporations, digital enterprises, financial institutions, and educational entities seeking consistent security training and a fortified defense against cyber threats.

Small Business Cyber security stats

Which Side of the Statistics Are You On?

The percentage increase in small business cyber breaches from 2020 to 2021.
The percentage of small businesses that go out of business within six months following a cyber attack.
The percentage of cyber attacks that target small businesses.
One attack is all it takes to ruin your business.
Check Posture

Not sure of your business’s security posture? Cyber constantly checks on your posture so that you always have the most up to date information.


Technology is always changing. If there is a finding or issue with your online presence, Maven X will re-align you back to industry standards.


Ensure that your security is always improving. By keeping industry standards it makes it harder for attackers to break into your online presence.


Our Clients Who Use Maven Cyber.

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Use Cases.

Download our custom specific use case solutions to see how Maven Cyber and all other Maven X services can help you achieve your business objectives. 

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WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems, but it is frequently targeted by cyber threats. Ensuring robust protection for WordPress sites is key to safeguarding your online presence and website data. With the availability of numerous malicious software available targeting WordPress websites, you must have standard protections for your WordPress sites.

In this use case we demonstrate the necessity of Maven Cyber’s Website Protection packages. We’ll outline how our specialized security measures defend against common WordPress vulnerabilities, ensuring your site remains secure, functional, and resilient against cyber threats, by protecting your content and customer data.

Building a cybersecurity focused culture within an organization is essential. Why? Humans are the weakest link in security. It’s not just about having the right tools but also about ingraining cybersecurity awareness into every aspect of the business operations. By having a cybersecurity focused culture, you can now turn your people into your greatest protection against the most common forms of social engineering and beyond.

In this use case, we explore Maven Cyber’s Employee Training packages which help you to develop a cybersecurity focused culture. We’ll showcase strategies for instilling cybersecurity awareness at all organizational levels, integrating best practices into daily workflows, and fostering a proactive stance on digital security across your team. This cultural shift is fundamental to enhancing overall cybersecurity resilience.


Maven Cyber packages give you peace of mind that you have protection over your business’s digital presence.

$TBD/ one-time + $TBD/ month

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A collection of our most asked questions to provide more insight!

What types of businesses can benefit from Maven Cyber packages?

Maven Cyber packages are tailored to suit a variety of businesses, including small to mid-sized companies, e-commerce platforms, bloggers, content creators, non-profits, and community organizations, among others.

What differentiates the Maven Cyber Security Essentials Package from the Advanced Package?

The Essentials Package provides foundational cybersecurity measures, while the Advanced Package builds upon this foundation, offering enhanced layers of defense, monitoring services, and a more comprehensive set of security features.

Can I customize a Maven Cyber package to suit my specific needs?

Yes, Maven Cyber offers flexible solutions, and we can work with you to develop a customized package that meets your unique security requirements.

How does the Maven Cyber Managed Employee Security Awareness Program enhance my business’s cybersecurity?

The program combines technology with continuous education to reinforce employee awareness, focusing on real-world phishing scenarios and fostering a culture where security awareness is ingrained.

How do I determine which Maven Cyber package is right for my business?

Our team of experts can assess your business’s specific needs and recommend the most suitable package for you, ensuring optimal protection for your online assets.

Can I upgrade my Maven Cyber package at any time?

Absolutely, we offer scalable solutions, and you can upgrade your package at any time to accommodate the growing security needs of your business.

How does Maven Cyber protect e-commerce platforms?

Maven Cyber packages offer a range of security measures such as DDoS protection, encryption configurations, backend protections, and more to safeguard e-commerce platforms, especially those handling sensitive customer data.

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Maven Cyber helps you to check your posture, re-align, and improve your business’s cyber security. Discover how Maven Cyber can help protect your business.

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