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Package Add-Ons.

Sometimes you need a little more than the base package. Don’t worry, we have you covered!


Maven Web Add-Ons.

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Additional Design Hours

Additional design hours are used if your website will take longer than 24 design hours to complete.

1-On-1 Website Training

Once your website is completed, we will get you fully aligned and train you on how to use it to make custom changes with ease.

Custom Website Course

Want to show your entire team how to use your new website? We create a custom course catered to your website with a screen only option or a video option with an actor.

Offered in two options:

screen only course
ON-set course w/ actor

Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is how search engines find your site. All Maven Web packages include basic SEO. Really drive traffic with targeted advanced SEO. SEO is an ongoing process. Once a month Maven X will monitor and make recommendations for SEO updates. Updates require per hour pricing.

Web Presence

Maven X will find where your customers are looking for you online and keep those spots up-to-date with current hours, promotions, and general information.

Ecommerce Package

Add an online store to your Maven Web site. Sell products to your customers online, take payments, and generate sales reports all from your website.

Ecommerce Maintenance Package

As your ecommerce store grows, maintenance can begin to creep up. Let Maven X handle the maintenance and keep your store accurate and running smoothly.

Managed Google Workspace

Add custom email, the entire Google suite of apps, and Google’s reliability to your business. Get Gmail, Drive, Meet, and so much more with the Workspaces add-on.


workspaces starter
Workspaces Standard
Workspaces Plus

1-On-1 Workspaces Training

Learn how to administer your Google Workspaces account with confidence with 1-on-1 training with our professionals.

Custom Video Distribution Platform

Video is in-demand. Video platforms often don’t provide the customization needed to fit into your product vision. This add-on provides you with your own custom fast and highly reliable video platform to deliver video content to your customers either on-demand or through live streaming.  

Custom Workspaces Course

Want to show your team how to use Google Workspace configuration? We create a custom course catered to your configuration with a screen only option or a video option with an actor.

Offered in Two options:

screen only course
On-set Course w/ actor

Site Relevancy Review

The Site Relevancy add-on is a game-changing feature that allows you to gain deeper insights into your website’s performance and relevancy.

With the ability to track user interactions and behavior, we help you fine-tune your design and functionality to maximize your impact.

Included is a bi-annual analysis review by Maven X to provide you with comprehensive statistics and analysis on how effective your site is performing. With Site Relevancy you can stay ahead of the competition and create a better user experience.


  • Track up to 35 daily sessions

  • Bi-Annual Analysis Report

  • User Feedback Button + Site Surveys (20 responses/mo)

  • Best for Small Sites


  • Everything in Essentials

  • Track up to 100 daily sessions

  • Best for Growing Sites


  • Everything in Essentials

  • Track up to 500 daily sessions

  • Best for Businesses

Highly Available Website Design

A Highly Available Design gives a better web experience for your site users. We will design your servers in multiple data centers, with additional services, and features, so that your site is closest to your customers and more resilient. We will identify where your users are and design the best solution for your specific use case. 

Each Highly Available Design is custom created specifically for your website, your site visitors, and use cases. Each design considers the most cost effective options to achieve overall site goals. As such, prices vary based upon the cloud services utilized and their current pricing from the provider.

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Maven Cyber Add-Ons.

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Finding Remediation Consulting

If your website has a finding and needs to be fixed, our security professionals will fix your site to keep it safe and secure.

Biannual Phishing Test

Humans are the weakest link in cyber security. Train and test your team twice a year with a phishing test to keep them aware of potential attacks against your business.

Additional MDM Setup

Have more than 25 devices? Purchase additional MDM setup per 25 devices.

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Ready to Start Protecting Your Business?

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Maven Analytics Add-Ons.

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Additional KPIs

Over 20 high quality professionally designed pre-built website concepts to choose from.

$100/ per 5 KPIs

Data Point Add-Ons

Optimized code for blazing fast loading times. Great for SEO as well as your website visitors.

$40/ per hour

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Maven Startup Add-Ons.

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Additional Consulting Hours

Need additional assistance on a project, have a more complex implementation, or anything else outside of our package offerings? Get additional consulting hours for whatever you need.

Other Package Add-Ons

If you are a Maven Strategy client, you are able to purchase additional add-ons from any other Maven X package as needed.

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Maven Strategy Add-Ons.

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Networking Referrals

The Maven X Team is well connected in Miami with some very talented people. Based upon your specific strategy and implementation needs Maven X can provide referrals to connect you to the best professional for your project. 

Legal Review

Want to make sure your documents, strategies, policies/procedures are legal and lawful? Maven X partners with various legal experts in Florida and can provide legal reviews through them and their businesses to give you peace of mind.

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Get Your Business Strategy on Track!

Don’t be one of the 67% of companies whose well-formulated strategies that fail due to poor execution.

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Does the base Maven X package not include everything you need? Not to worry! Check out all of our additional add-ons for each Maven X Service to get everything you need and nothing you don’t.

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