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About Maven X.

Born from a desire to be the catalyst of change.

Our Mission

Equipping businesses with the best industry-standard processes, tools, and technologies.

Our Story.

We noticed a disconnect between businesses in Miami, Florida and their online information in the peak of COVID-19 in 2020.

While trying to get basic information on businesses it was quick to notice that the hours weren’t matching up with what they actually were. A lot of businesses weren’t prepared for a major shift online.

Maven X was born to help be that shift. Overall we want to make our businesses in Miami, Florida thrive and set standards for the entire world!

Maven X was founded with the help of friends and family through a collaborative process with the same heart as our mission.

Our Vision.

To be a catalyst for businesses in our communities to help them thrive, be visually engaging, and set new standards for the world.

Our Mission.

Equipping businesses with the best industry-standard processes, tools, and technologies.

Our Focus.

You! Our business is centered around you and your needs. We prioritize your satisfaction above all else and focus on creating solutions that truly benefit you. We don’t just build products, we build solutions that make your lives easier and your businesses run better.


Behind the Name.

A Maven is defined as, an expert or connoisseur. In everything Maven X does we want to be the best at it. We don’t do something unless we can do it right. Everyone at Maven X is an expert in their respective service.

The X in Maven X acts as a placeholder for our services and products. This doesn’t limit us to only providing certain services and products in the future. As more and more people join our team with their respective expertise, we are able to onboard new services and products without changing everything about us.

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Maven X’s Corporate Giving

We believe in giving back to our local and global communities. Whenver you work with Maven X, you are giving back to others. View Maven X’s corporate giving initiatives below.

Values We Live By Professionally and Personally



We believe that when you take ownership of something, you begin to care for it in a different way. That’s why everything that Maven X takes on, we take ownership in it. Ideas, tasks, projects. From the smallest to largest of details.


Excellence Is Our Endeavor

We know we can’t be perfect, but we can come as close as we can. Excellence isn’t a destination but a continuous journey. That’s why we continue to strive for excellence each and every day, both for ourselves and in our projects to you.


Try, Fail, Learn, Repeat

We are a team who understands that we don’t know everything, and we won’t pretend to. We know that the only way to keep going is to try, fail, learn, and repeat until we get it right. This value isn’t meant to be a sad value but an encouraging one where we aren’t afraid to try and fail!


Integrity is Our Core

We understand that our clients trust us with their businesses and ideas. We take that very seriously. Know that we take these values and basic human values to heart.


Celebrate Our Client’s Advancements

Our clients are the reason that we do what we do! When you win, we win. It’s as simple as that! When you meet and exceed your goals we celebrate with you. You have us as a hype team for life!


Communication Exemplifies our Integrity

We’ve all heard that communication is key. But we take that a step further into ensuring that our communication keeps our integrity. Whether it’s bad news or good news we communicated it accurately and effectively.


Quality is Our Direction

In line with excellence, quality is the tangible proof of excellence. In all of our products, services, and deliverables we are aiming towards quality. We make sure that we are giving you the best quality for your money.


Collaboration Unites Us

We aren’t made up of a one person show. The beauty of all of us is that we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Instead of letting that divide us, we let it unite us! In our collaboration we can make sure we are performing our best work and promoting ourselves for the greater good.

Learn More About Our Values

In our blog post series on Values, we broke down all of our values to explain why we have our values, what they mean to us, why they are important to us. 

View the Series

Our People.

The people who make things happen in our company and who believe and build the future.


Noah Stahl

Technology and business have always been a passion of mine. When starting Maven X I had a deep drive to use my extensive tech knowledge to help elevate others reach their goals both in business and their personal lives.

After moving to Miami, meeting some incredibly talented people, and seeing the need for structured technology planning and implementation I knew I had everything I needed to start Maven X. We are driven, we are here for you, and we are just getting started!

I hold several professional technology certifications to provide our clients the best technology consulting.


Maven Cyber Consultant

Matthew Rivera

I have been interested in technology and cyber security for most of my life. I originally started my career in Criminal Justice and found myself being more interested in IT and cyber security. From there, I finally decided to make my switch into cyber security where I received my Masters Degree in Cyber Security from FIU. My career has taken me to working with Fortune 500 companies and getting to see cyber security and IT on a massive scale. 

Apart from technology, I am an avid sports fan rooting for UM Football, Dolphins, Marlins, and the Heat! If i’m not doing IT work you’ll catch me watching these games!

I also hold several professional technology certifications that help me best serve the Maven X clients under Maven Cyber. 


Maven Strategy Communications Coordinator

Jasmyn Elliott

My name is Jasmyn Elliott I am an experienced writer and copy editor who is well-versed in engaging potential clients on multiple social media platforms, particularly YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and blog sites such as Wix, WordPress, SquareSpace, etc. I find great pleasure in assisting startups across multiple industries with creating and managing content that optimizes exposure and gains clients.

Who We Are.


We are a completely new kind of consulting company. One that has never existed before.


Our founders hold degrees in Cyber Security, Business Analytics, and Data Science.


No matter what we do, we are invested in the project until the end.


Life is too short to not have fun, that’s why we take the time to share some laughs and have fun!


We don’t want to be just another consulting company, just another business, and just another mission. Rather we are something different altogether.


Our company and team are anything but sophisticated and complex. We know our strengths and weaknesses and work with them.


Convinced? Well, Let’s Talk.

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Learn more about Maven X! Hear our story, learn about or vision and mission, read our values, and get to know our leadership.

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