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1. General & Processes

When can I expect a response?

Our team is reviewing your message as soon as possible. We will respond to you as soon as possible. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please reach out to us again.

Do you have a phone number?

At this time we do not have a phone number. If you send us an email we are more than happy to setup a time to talk! Our team uses Google Meet to stay connected with our clients.

Where are you located?

We are located in Miami, Florida! While we don’t have office space, our team lives in Miami-Dade County.

Do you offer a free consultation?

Yes we do! If you have any questions that aren’t answered on our site, we want to talk to you. The consultation is free and there is no pressure.

Why should I hire you?

We always love this question. There are a million and one cliche answers we can give, but we go with this. We are here for you. No matter what you are trying to accomplish with your site or business Maven X is here to help you. We don’t believe in nickel and dimming for every little service but are completely onboard to get you to your goal. When our clients succeed we do as well. 

2. About Us

What are your qualifications/experience?

Maven X was founded by professionals driven by their continual pursuit for learning, getting better, and helping others. We have been working with technology outside of Maven X for more than 10 years. Our team holds various degrees and certifications in their respective fields.

Outside of Maven X, our team has designed countless websites, worked with various customers, started their own businesses, work on various design projects, and keep themselves up to date and always learning.

Do you have a network of professionals?

Yes! Maven X continually networks in Miami, FL. We have a solid network of tech professionals, graphic designers, social media experts, photographers, video editors/producers, production professionals, and so much more. We are always looking to meet new people! Feel free to reach out to us!

Why was Maven X started?

Maven X was started when the team noticed how much businesses in Miami-Dade could improve with a better online experience and valuable business guidance. We have a lot of useful information and experience that can greatly help so many businesses and we know we can do it better than what’s currently available in the market. 

Maven Edu was founded to help fill the void of information that should have been taught in K-12 and Higher Education. These courses are designed to help fine tune the students’ skills and drive them to do better.

Are Maven X services only available in South Florida?

Absolutely not! We are more than interested in helping you and your business located anywhere in the world!

We are just proud to call Miami and South Florida home!

What's the meaning behind Maven X?

Maven is defined as an expert or connoisseur in something. The X is the placeholder for our services and products. 

We are experts or connoisseurs in all of our services and products we offer. Maven X is the primary business while our products have various other names. The X is there to not limit ourselves from expanding and adding more professional services and products to our company. 

We are always looking to partner with other professionals in other industries such as; multimedia design, social media, marketing, production, film/video, etc. If this is you, please reach out to us!

What makes Maven X different from other consulting companies?

Maven X is founded and run by young professionals who have been in the traditional corporate environment for a few years. From these years, our team has quickly found out what works and doesn’t work with the traditional ways of doing business and consulting. Maven X takes the best from traditional consulting but takes the agile and flexible approach from NextGen Consulting as a Service (CaaS) to deliver a more precise service/product at a much more affordable price point. 

Who designed your logo, graphics, videos, etc?

We did! We have an incredibly talent team of designers skilled in various types of media and design. 

3. Maven Web

What if I need more than 24 hours of web design time?

Most complex websites will require more than 24 hours of web design time. Additional consulting hours can be purchased as an add-on. If there will be a significant amount of additional hours needed, our team is more than willing to work on a package of hours to help complete the site and deliver exactly what you are looking for.

Where is my website hosted?

We utilize Amazon Web Services (AWS)! AWS is industry leading in cloud services. Most of your favorite websites are hosted on AWS; Netflix, Spotify, and Hulu are all on AWS. 

Being hosted on a cloud computing service allows for Maven X to quickly upgrade and expand your website’s capabilities when needed. For example, if you are having a massive sale and are expecting 3X web traffic in a week; your website can be scaled up temporarily to handle the traffic and scaled back down to save on hosting costs during low utilization times!

Can I upgrade my hosting speed later?

Absolutely! If you need your hosting speed upgraded temporarily (a few days or weeks at a time) or upgraded permanently, we have you covered. Simply reach out to our team and we will let you know the price changes. 

Prices are subject to change based on AWS’ prices. 

What's included in the site maintenance?

The site maintenance includes website updates such as core updates, theme updates, and plugin updates. Additionally, we keep your database and the underlying website infrastructure up-to-date.

Why is this important? As software is released new bugs and vulnerabilities are discovered and later patched. This helps keep your website running smoothly and keeps it secure. 

Why would I purchase custom courses?

Custom courses are created and designed specifically for you, your website, and setup. These courses are to help you and your team learn how to perform specific tasks on your website. These courses empower you to take control of your own website without the need for Maven X to update for you. 

What is the Web Presence add-on?

Web Presence is an add-on that helps you identify where your clients and customers are looking for you. Once we identify those locations we will request updates from you monthly and update all these locations for you.

For example, if you are a pizza shop with an online website. Customers might be looking for you on: Uber Eats, Slice Life, Doordash, Google My Business, Google Maps, Apple Maps, etc. They could be looking at how to order or what your hours are. We keep all those places up to date so that you don’t disappoint your customers with out of date information at places you weren’t aware of.

What is the monthly fee for?

The monthly fee for Maven Web is for the following:

  1. Monthly Hosting Fees
  2. Monthly Domain Fees
  3. Maven X Maintenance Fees

Instead of setting up billing for the various services, we purchase them on your behalf and bundle it together for you.

What is the purchase process for Maven Web?

We are so glad you asked! We have created a specific form you can fill out so we can reach out to you and ensure we are able to deliver a great experience for you.

Please fill out the form here.

4. Maven Strategy

What's the difference between Documents and Productivity Tools?

Documents are researched and customized documents for you and your organization based on the service topic. These are professionally written documents created to give you guidance on the topic, where you are, what you should do, and how you can get there. 

Productivity Tools are typically SaaS tools that are offered by other businesses. Maven X helps you setup and configure the application(s) to work specifically for you and your organization.

Why aren't your prices listed?

Since each document and productivity tool implementation is hyper unique to you and your organization, we cannot provide pricing online.

We will first setup a discovery call with you to identify the problems you want Maven Strategy to solve. From there we estimate the amount of research, writing time, and professional peer reviews are needed in order to provide a quote.

What does a Document Service come with exactly?

All Maven Strategy documents comes with a dually branded document with both the client and Maven X. The documents will contain plans, recommendations, implementation steps, estimated costs, and more.

Why can't a Productivity Tool be purchased without the Productivity Tools Strategy Document?

Since productivity tools work best when customized, Maven X must first document and outline the way the productivity tool(s) will work for your organization. This is a way to ensure that we are going to deliver the tool in the way that solves the organization’s issues.

The process included in the Productivity Tools Strategy Document must be completed prior to implementing any Productivity Tool, even outside of Maven Strategy. Without clear guidance, and approval from you, on the implementation method of the tool we might not provide you with the best solution. 

5. Maven Design

How long will it take for me to get my design(s)?

Every project is different. During our consultation call with you we will give an estimated dat for project completion. 

As a Maven X client you also have access to the Maven X Client Portal where you can view the current status and progress of the project with any up-to-date timelines.

Can you help us develop our brand?

Yes! If you look at our design stats, designs are becoming more and more important to customers and brands alike. Having good designs will immediately improve your branding. 

Additionally, we parter with some incredible branding and marketing companies that can help you take your branding even further.

Do you charge for a consultation?

Nope! We want to remove any barriers between you and the best design services to help you and your business. We want to fully understand your needs before starting a project to ensure that you are getting exactly what you need. For that reason you can reach out to us anytime for anything through our contact form

Do I receive the editable source files?

Yes! All Maven Design packages include access to the source project file(s). You own the design following the completion of the project. 

Depending on the project and design tool(s) used you will receive the following file types: Photoshop (.psd), Illustrator (.ai), Premiere Pro (.pproj), and After Effects (.aep).

Will I own the completed design?

Yes and no. If your project includes royalty free audio or stock photo/videos you will have ownership based on the individual licenses. 

You will own the entire design, files, and custom media created by Maven X. If your project does not have royalty free audio or stock images/video you own the complete design. 

What is your design process?

Each of our Maven X packages are designed with step-by-step processes with each package being unique. As a Maven X client you will have access to the Maven X Client Portal. In your project page you will see all the steps we take to complete your project. 

How will I receive my file(s)?

We utilize our Maven X Client Portal to deliver all of your files. The Client Portal is a safe and secure portal for you to gain access to all project files. 

If you would like another delivery format, just let us know and we will accommodate you.

If you would like Maven X to store your media files long term, for an additional fee, we can store your files on our cloud environment for fast and easy access!

What do you need from me to begin?

We first start with a consultation to get to know your design needs. From there it depends based on the package. Most design packages do not require any other input from you (except for approvals). However, some packages require information and files from you. Through our Maven X Client Portal we will send you forms that will request this information from you. Fast and simple! 

6. Maven Cyber

Why do I need Maven Cyber? My website was already designed by Maven X or was created secure.

Of course, when designed and delivered, Maven X designed websites are secured by design. As websites age things become out-of-date, software has bugs, and holes can slowly develop even in the best designed websites in the world. Maven X uses vulnerability scans, Web Application Firewalls, and other security tools to watch your website and keep it up-to-date and healthy.

With Maven Cyber we take a proactive approach to prevent hacks and attackers from breaching your website. 

What is a vulnerability scan?

Maven X uses top of the line scanning tools to scan your website for vulnerabilities. A vulnerability is a weakness which can be exploited by a hacker, such as an attacker, to cross privilege boundaries within a computer system. 

A vulnerability scan is used to assess computers, networks or applications for known weaknesses. This allows Maven X to properly protect your website before a hack could happen. 

What makes a firewall enhanced?

A web application firewall is a specific form of application firewall that filters, monitors, and blocks web traffic to and from a web service.

These firewalls aren’t as simple as enabling it and that’s it. Maven X will setup specific rules and settings that are custom to your site and its functionality. 

What is included with the on-site physical security assessment?

If you operate a physical store location it is important to perform checks of your physical network from time to time. 

Maven X will go onsite once a year to check: wireless settings, separate network traffic, change passwords, check the on-site firewall, and more.

Are DoS attacks really that common to businesses?

Yes! Denial of Service, or Distributed Denial of Service, attacks are common. They can happen either by accident (poor security or system configurations with legitimate web traffic) or maliciously (by someone targeting your website specifically). 

A DoS attack will make your website and systems unavailable to legitimate traffic until the attack ends. 

What is the monthly fee for?

The monthly fee for Maven Cyber is for the following:

  1. Vulnerability Scanning Service
  2. The Web Application Firewall Service
  3. MDM Software and Service
  4. Maven X Maintenance Fees

Instead of setting up billing for the various services, we purchase them on your behalf and bundle it together for you.

What is the purchase process for Maven Cyber?

We are so glad you asked! We have created a specific form you can fill out so we can reach out to you and ensure we are able to deliver a great experience for you.

Please fill out the form here.

7. Maven Cyber Professional Services

What type of a return on investment (ROI) does security assessments provide to an organization?

The returns on security assessments are great and each one matters differently to each organization. A few ROI examples are the following:

Insurance Savings – Most cybersecurity insurance companies will provide discounts to companies who regularly have security audits. Why? Because you’re minimizing your potential risks for a breach making it less likely. 

Due Diligence – Due diligence is your friend following a breach or any security issue at your business. It shows that you are trying to be proactive in securing your business on a regular basis. 

Regulatory – Security assessments are required by almost all regulators. 

Reputation – A breach causes irreparable harm to your reputation. By showing due diligence and trying your best to prevent a breach from happening in the first place is a great way to show your clients that you were working towards your security. 

Money – A breach is going to cost immensely more than a security assessment. 

Do I have to purchase or perform all assessments?

No! Each assessment is independent and applicable to different uses. You pick the assessment that is most applicable to you, your business, your technology, and your security posture. 

Don’t worry, we help you identify and select the best assessment based upon your specific use cases and end goals. 

What type of organizations are at risk from cyber threats?

If you have any sort of digital devices or IT within your business, then you are at risk. 

Cybersecurity risks are rising faster than ever, especially following the COVID-19 pandemic. Small to large businesses alike have just as much to lose in a cyber breach.

Why get a cybersecurity assessment?

A cybersecurity assessment is like a physical. It helps you test the health and wellbeing of your cybersecurity, diagnose the problems, and provide the right remedy.

8. Maven PCI

What is included in each PCI DSS tool and template?

Each product is different. You can view each product page and the points in the prices to see what you will specifically receive with each product. 

How do the PCI DSS training courses work?

Currently we have two types of training; our employee training and our self-service training.

The employee training can be accessed either through our Maven Edu LMS or your own corporate LMS. The self-service courses are available through our Maven Edu LMS. 

Our PCI DSS training courses are available online and can be accessed at any time. They include interactive quizzes, real-world scenarios, and customizable content to fit the specific needs of your organization. Our courses cover a range of topics, from a generic introduction to PCI DSS to a deep dive on how to assess PCI DSS like a pro.

Is the PCI DSS kickoff video customizable?

Yes, the PCI DSS kickoff video is customizable to fit the specific needs of your organization. This includes the option to add your organization’s branding and logo, as well as personalized support and guidance from our team of PCI DSS experts.

Maven X will discuss with you and receive the necessary information to customize the presentation video. We will then customize and record the video without anymore required input from you!

Can I purchase assistance from a PCI DSS professional consultant?

Yes, we offer hourly consulting services with our team of PCI DSS professionals. This includes personalized support and guidance, as well as the option to purchase blocks of time at a discounted rate.

Our PCI Professionals hold either ISA, QSA, or PCI-P certifications.

Please note that Maven X is not a QSAC and cannot sign reports on your behalf. 

Can I customize the PCI DSS workbook?

Yes, the PCI DSS workbook is fully customizable to fit the specific needs of your organization. Once our Airtable template is transferred to you, you have fully customization ability to make it your own.

How is the PCI DSS presentation template delivered and do you customize it for me?

The PCI DSS presentation template is delivered as a digital download in PowerPoint format and is self-service through our Maven X Store. It is easy to customize with your organization’s branding and logo and includes easy-to-follow guidelines and customizable content to fit your specific needs.

Since the presentation template is self-service, we do not customize it for you. Since the template is easy to customize, you can edit it with ease at your own pace. 

How often are the PCI DSS tools and templates updated?

Our PCI DSS templates are updated regularly to ensure that they are in line with the latest PCI DSS standards. No updates are included in any of the presentation templates

For the Workbook and Awareness Training, we offer the option for ongoing updates and new content as PCI DSS evolves, so you can be confident that you are always using the most up-to-date resources. 

If there are major updates to the PCI DSS standard, we will release updates to our products and give you an option to upgrade.

The Awareness Training course is updated annually to re-align and comply with the new PCI 4.0 training requirements. These require an annual re-purchase to get access to the latest course material. 

9. Maven Edu

Is Maven Edu an accredited school? Do I get a degree?

No. Maven Edu is not accredited anywhere as such we do not have degrees. Our courses are designed to be helpful professional building courses that do not necessarily reflect in a traditional education environment.

This doesn’t mean that our courses don’t have meat to them. All of our course content has been thoroughly researched and reviewed by multiple professionals in the area before it is released.  

Is there a subscription package for all courses?

Currently, no. There currently aren’t enough courses available that we feel would give value to a subscription… yet! As we continue to create new courses and build our library we will continually review if a subscription model would be best for our customers!

Why does Maven Edu have a different site?

Maven Edu functions very differently from our other service offerings. Maven Edu is designed to be very automated and as a self-service site. As such we were better able to customize the look and feel of the Edu site to match the level of detail we were looking for with a learning platform site. 

What is the purchase process for a Maven Edu course?

Maven Edu is designed to be self-service. You are able to go to the Maven Edu site, find a course you are interested in, add the course to your cart, check out, and receive access to the course immediately!

Have Questions? Read our FAQs to get those questions answered! Read questions about Maven X and our processes as well as questions about all of our products and services. 

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