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Tax and Consulting

Tax and Consulting is a leading provider of comprehensive accounting solutions, tax advisory services, consulting solutions, startup assistance, and business plan services in Miami, FL. They are dedicated to helping businesses navigate the complexities of finance and taxation, enabling their clients to focus on growth and success.

Tax and Consulting collaborated with Maven X to create an innovative, user-friendly website that would serve as the digital face of their business. They were seeking a new and modern design that would showcase their commitment to delivering top-notch financial and accounting services, while also reflecting their professional and trustworthy image.

Maven X delivered an impressive website that combines eye-catching visuals with an intuitive user interface. Leveraging the Maven Web Package, Maven X provided Tax and Consulting with a sleek, contemporary online presence that effectively communicates the company’s expertise and range of services.

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Tax and Consulting had an outdated and very basis website that inadequately showcased their wide range of financial services and failed to instill confidence in their target audience of businesses and entrepreneurs. 


The goal was to develop a contemporary, visually engaging, and easy-to-use website that would not only attract visitors but also effectively represent the company’s professionalism and expertise in the financial services industry.


Maven X utilized the Maven Web Package to create a polished, modern website for Tax and Consulting that not only highlights their comprehensive suite of financial services but also enhances their online credibility, making it easier for potential clients to discover and engage with their solutions.

Maven Web Design

Maven Web was instrumental in revolutionizing Tax and Consulting’s online presence. Through Maven Web, a contemporary, visually engaging website was created to effectively highlight the company’s extensive range of financial services while reinforcing their professional brand identity. By focusing on the specific needs of Tax and Consulting, Maven Web elevated their digital footprint, making it more accessible for potential clients to discover and connect with their comprehensive solutions.

Managed Google Workspace

Tax and Consulting took advantage of Maven X’s Managed Google Workspace to streamline their communication and collaboration efforts. They required custom domain email addresses, shared mailboxes for customer interactions, and a comprehensive suite of Gmail tools. With Maven X handling the setup and maintenance, Tax and Consulting could enjoy a hassle-free Google Workspace experience, allowing them to focus on delivering top-notch financial services to their clients.

Client Portal