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Vibransè by Andrea Mihalik

Vibransè is a healing and wellness business located in Miami Beach, FL. Vibransè has been experiencing significant growth recently, especially through social media. However, Vibransè owner Andrea noticed that Google Search traffic has been lagging behind.

Maven X was engaged to help enhance Vibransè’s search enging optimization to improve listings in Google Search. Maven X performed the research on Vibransè target audience and completely rewrote every page on the Vibransè website to be optimized with SEO through Maven Web‘s Advanced SEO.


Vibransè’s search engine traffic was slow and unfortuantely very few leads were coming in through Google Search.


Vibransè owner Andrea, created her website and knew that she needed some SEO help rank Vibransè higher in search results.

Luckily, Vibransè is a niche business with a specific audience base, which made choosing search target key phrases easier. This put Vibransè in a medium search volume/low competition grouping of key phrases.


Maven Web’s Advanced SEO Add-On provides a guide on what exactly needs to be addressed to further rank higher in Google Search results. Andrea received a full report on changes that were made and what should be addressed moving forward to ensure SEO keeps growing.

After just a few weeks, Vibransè saw a 66% increase in site sessions and a 57% increase in unique visitors to the Vibransè site!

Advanced SEO Sample

Below is an export of the Advanced SEO report provided to Vibransè. This specific page focuses on optimization of the title and descriptions for each page on the website. Each recommendation is made on the specific pages and includes working notes, the suggested changes, and background information.

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