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Maven Design Professional: Maven X’s Newest Business Line


Maven X announces the launch of Maven Design Professional. Design Professional offers Content Analysis, Cloud Backup, and Cloud Studio services to creatives and designers of all sizes. With the scalability and cost-effectiveness of the cloud, professionals can take advantage of Hollywood-level cloud resources in their studios.


Maven X is proud to announce the launch of Maven Design Professional, offering Hollywood-level cloud resources to creatives and designers of all sizes. Maven Design Professional currently offers three services for design professionals: Content Analysis, Cloud Studio, and Cloud Backup.

Content Analysis.

Content Analysis is a powerful tool that helps businesses extract valuable insights from their video content. It provides easy access to AI that can identify faces, objects, and text, and transcribe and translate audio. The simple web interface allows for easy video library browsing, quick and accurate search, and automated metadata generation. It dramatically reduces the need for manual processes and human involvement, resulting in more productive and efficient workflows. It’s a personalized (and private) platform, ensuring fast and reliable service that can help you unlock the full potential of your video library.

To learn more about Content Analysis, visit the Content Analysis page.

Cloud Studio.

Cloud Studio is a cloud-based solution for studios that enables fast video rendering and exporting without the need for expensive equipment. Its cloud-based workspaces allow creators to work on projects collaboratively from anywhere and provide them with the necessary computing power to work on projects. Cloud Studio offers auto-transcription and auto-translation features that automatically transcribe and translate imported videos based on user preferences.

With Cloud Studio, studios can customize their offerings, collaborate with artists worldwide, and reduce overall costs. Cloud Studio enables creators to create and export content faster, future-proof their studio setup, and only pay for what they use.

To learn more about Cloud Studio, visit the Cloud Studio page.

Cloud Backup.

Cloud Backup offers a cost-effective and powerful solution for managing and backing up large amounts of video files. The solution offers many key features and benefits such as Data Auto-Archive, Large Data Migration, and Overall Benefits.

Data Auto-Archive automatically archives older or unused files to deep storage, providing storage cost savings and freeing up onsite storage. Large Data Migration offers faster data transfer speeds, no data transfer fees, and secure data transfer.

Cloud Backup ensures redundancy and protection against data loss, avoids capital purchases, utilizes cloud automation, and future-proofs your data backup solution.

To learn more about Cloud Backup, visit the Cloud Backup page.

Final Thoughts.

For more information on Maven Design Professional, visit the Maven Design Professional page or contact Maven X for additional assistance.

Click the image below to see Maven Design Professional in action.

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