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Cloud Studio.

Transform Your Editing With the Cloud.

Transform Your Editing With the Cloud.

Cloud studio is a game-changer for your video editing needs. Get easy collaboration, scalable computing, infinite storage, all in the cloud.

Get the power of Hollywood without the upfront expenses or computing gear.

Who Is Maven Design Professional Services For?

Maven Design Professional Services is meant for creatives and designers of all sizes. Due to the pay-as-you-go pricing of the cloud, you get powerful computing, graphics power, unllimited storage, and incredible redundancy and resiliency without the upfront capital of buying expensive editing computers. 

Potential Professional Services Clients:

  • Youtube + Video Creators

  • Churches + Places of Worship

  • Creative Studios

  • Designer Studios

  • Independent Filmmaking Studios

Maven Design Professional Services.

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Discover how Maven Design Professional Services can increase your studio’s efficiency, reliability, all while lowering costs. Oh and by the way… we help your creatives get back to creating wtih more powerful than ever with pay-as-you-go managed cloud workspaces. 

Cloud Studio.

Cloud Studio is a gamechanger for your studio. Get the ability to use cloud computing to quickly export and render videos without the need to invest in expensive render equipment.

Cloud Studio Workspaces

Allow creators to access the necessary computing power to render and work on projects regardless of the in hand device they are using. Creators can collaborate and work on all projects and files within the cloud. Data is saved and kept in a centralized location either onsite or in the cloud.

Resource Empowerment

Instances in Cloud Studio are billed by the hour and the size. Define users based on their needed apps and compute power to spool up the appropriate instance size to better manage pricing.

Resource Management

When workstation instances are no longer needed, after a set amount of time, they should be shutdown automatically to save money.

Auto-Transcription +

Manual translation takes too long and auto-captioning on certain platforms might not be correct. The process should be automatic. Imported videos are automatically transcribed and translated based on your process preferences.

Custom Images w/

Creators need the necessary editing and creator applications immediately when the Cloud Studio workstations are created and spooled up. Let your creators create instead of spending time installing and managing software.

Cloud Studio Benefits.

Cloud Studio provides everything creatives and a studio would need to create incredible content and truly utilize the full power of the cloud.

Overall Benefits

  • Customize the offerings that you and your studio need

  • Collaborate with artists anywhere in the world

  • Create and export content faster with massive computing power

  • Transfer media to and from storage and workspaces quickly using the cloud network

  • Infinite scaling for computing and storage workloads

  • Only pay for what you use

  • Future proof your studio setup

Cloud Studio Workspaces

  • Studio power resources to in-house creators

  • Automated deployment

  • Creator-friendly portal UI

  • No up-front expense for expensive gear

  • Cloud-based storage and file share

  • Synching to Cloud Backup storage

  • Integration of existing users through SSO

  • Defined usage limitations for creators to provide cost management

Resource Empowerment

  • Better cost management

  • More targeted computing resources specific to the creator/artist

  • Better user management and provided resources

Resource Management

  • Reduce overall costs

  • Minimize wasted resources

  • Ensures that renders can be uninterrupted

  • Failsafe in case instance is left on and forgotten

Auto-Transcription + Auto-Translation

  • Provides transcription with current processes inside Cloud Studio

  • Low-cost transcription service

  • Ability to import to Premiere Pro or other editing to correct captions

  • Ability to modify caption timings

  • Stored and backed up in the Cloud

  • Works with multiple input languages

  • Translate captions to multiple languages

  • .SRT and .VTT file output

  • Ensures that only final selected videos are ingested, transcribed, and translated

Custom Images w/ Pre-installed Apps

  • No need to install application for every instance creation

  • Necessary creator apps are immediately available so that creators can start creating

  • Images can be customized to your specific needs

  • Allows creators to sign-in to apps and licenses without a hassle 

  • No additional infrastructure charges

Included with All Design Professional Services.

Some features are necessary in both services. This is what you get.

Centralized File Share

Allow creators to save and work on projects from the same location. Using a centralized network location, sync project files from any creative software (like Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere Pro) and have it accessible from any onsite computer and Cloud Studio.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Minimize account management by utilizing your existing SSO. Allow creators to use one login for multiple services within Backup and Cloud Studio.

Transparent Costs and Estimations

Billing and usage fees should be clear, transparent, anticipated, and limited if desired. Choose from Managed Billing w/ Budgets and automatic adjustments to Simple Billing w/ estimations. Never be caught off guard by billing and usage fees. 

Additional Benefits.

For the best experience across all Maven Design Professional Services, these benefits come with one or all services.

Centralized File Share

  • Project files are backed up to the cloud and can be synched between both Cloud Studio and Backup

  • Drives are backed up and replicated

  • File/Project loss is minimized

  • Allows for sync across multiple computers

  • Allows for Cloud Studio server access

  • Upload, share, and sync any files to any computer anywhere

  • Centralize all projects files, assets, into one place

Single Sign-On (SSO)

  • Simplified login for users

  • Utilize existing user directories

  • Syncs any directory changes and new users without additional action

  • Simplified administration

Transparent Costs and Estimations

  • Expected monthly billing

  • Anticipated billing amounts through estimations

  • Billing is clearly broken down into each service and usage

  • Ability to react to billing by turning off resources when not needed

Use Cases.

Download our custom specific use case solutions to see how Maven Design and all other Maven X services can help you achieve your business objectives. 

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This use case is coming soon.

This use case is coming soon.

This use case is coming soon.

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Each Maven Design Professional Services offering is individually designed for you. Contact us to get a custom quote catered specific to you and your use cases. 


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Transform your video editing process with Cloud Studio by Maven Design Professional: edit like a pro, collaborate with anyone, anywhere, and export faster with massive computing power.

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