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Content Analysis.

Make Your Video Library Work for You.

Make Your Video Library Work for You.

Video content is a valuable asset, but managing and extracting value from it can be a daunting task.

With Maven Design Professional’s Content Analysis solution you can turn your video library into a well-organized, easily searchable and actionable asset.

Say goodbye to tedious manual processes and hello to powerful insights.

Who Is Maven Design Professional Services For?

Maven Design Professional Services is meant for creatives and designers of all sizes. Due to the pay-as-you-go pricing of the cloud, you get powerful computing, graphics power, unllimited storage, and incredible redundancy and resiliency without the upfront capital of buying expensive editing computers. 

Potential Professional Services Clients:

  • Youtube + Video Creators

  • Churches + Places of Worship

  • Creative Studios

  • Designer Studios

  • Independent Filmmaking Studios

Maven Design Professional Services.

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Discover how Maven Design Professional Services can increase your studio’s efficiency, reliability, all while lowering costs. Oh and by the way… we help your creatives get back to creating wtih more powerful than ever with pay-as-you-go managed cloud workspaces. 

Content Analysis.

Introducing Content Analysis – a powerful solution that makes it easy to extract valuable insights from your video content. With a user-friendly web interface, you can easily upload, analyze, and search your video libraries, and automate manual processes. Say goodbye to tedious manual processes, and hello to powerful insights with Content Analysis.

Access to Easy AI

Extract valuable insights from your video content using AI. Identify faces, objects, and text, as well as transcribe and translate your audio for further processing and search.

Powerful Search

Easily find and access the specific video content you need. This means you can search for keywords, objects, scenes, and even specific people within your video library, making it incredibly easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Simple Web Interface

The simple web interface allows you to upload, analyze and browse your video collection in real time. Quickly find and access the specific video content you need with the familiarity of using Google. The interface is intuitive, easy to use and is built to increase productivity and streamline your workflow.

Fully Automated

Eliminate the tedious manual processes of cataloging and searching for video content. Dramatically reduce the need for human involvement to save valuable time and resources.

Powerful + Accurate Detection

Extract the most comprehensive insights from your video content like highly accurate object, scene, and activity detection, as well as person identification and pathing, and celebrity recognition. Gain a deeper understanding of your video content, uncover hidden insights and unlock the full potential of your video library.

Personal Platform

Your environment is just that… yours. You won’t have to share resources or compete for access with other users. This guarantees you’ll have a fast, reliable and efficient service that you can count on. You can rest assured that you’ll have the tools and insights you need to gain the most from your video content.

Content Analysis Benefits.

Make your video library work for you. Gone are the days of manual organization and tagging. Let Content Analysis bring your video library to the 21st century.

Overall Benefits

  • Automate manual processes such as metadata generation and video cataloging

  • Extract valuable insights and metadata from video content using advanced AI technologies

  • Easy to use web-based interface for uploading, analyzing, and browsing video collections

  • Make your video library (large or small) searchable

  • Identify the specific frames in the videos where your search is located

Included with All Design Professional Services.

Some features are necessary in both services. This is what you get.

Centralized File Share

Allow creators to save and work on projects from the same location. Using a centralized network location, sync project files from any creative software (like Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere Pro) and have it accessible from any onsite computer and Cloud Studio.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Minimize account management by utilizing your existing SSO. Allow creators to use one login for multiple services within Backup and Cloud Studio.

Transparent Costs and Estimations

Billing and usage fees should be clear, transparent, anticipated, and limited if desired. Choose from Managed Billing w/ Budgets and automatic adjustments to Simple Billing w/ estimations. Never be caught off guard by billing and usage fees. 

Additional Benefits.

For the best experience across all Maven Design Professional Services, these benefits come with one or all services.

Centralized File Share

  • Project files are backed up to the cloud and can be synched between both Cloud Studio and Backup

  • Drives are backed up and replicated

  • File/Project loss is minimized

  • Allows for sync across multiple computers

  • Allows for Cloud Studio server access

  • Upload, share, and sync any files to any computer anywhere

  • Centralize all projects files, assets, into one place

Single Sign-On (SSO)

  • Simplified login for users

  • Utilize existing user directories

  • Syncs any directory changes and new users without additional action

  • Simplified administration

Transparent Costs and Estimations

  • Expected monthly billing

  • Anticipated billing amounts through estimations

  • Billing is clearly broken down into each service and usage

  • Ability to react to billing by turning off resources when not needed


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Use Cases.

Download our custom specific use case solutions to see how Maven Design and all other Maven X services can help you achieve your business objectives. 

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Each Maven Design Professional Services offering is individually designed for you. Contact us to get a custom quote catered specific to you and your use cases. 


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