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Our Tools: How Maven X Utilizes Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a powerful tool for businesses and receive necessary business functionality and collaboration to work. Maven X uses Google Workspace for various business functions. If you’re curious about Google Workspace, some behind the scenes with Maven X, and how Maven X utilizes Google Workspace we will dive into all then details. Get suggestions, ideas, and additional information on whether Google Workspace is right for you and your business!

About Maven X, Behind the Scenes, Design, Inspiration, Series: Maven X Design

Logo Design Variations (Why They Make or Break Your Logo)


Logo design variations are necessary to every brand and business. Variations and usage should be kept to a minimum, kept to the core of the branding, and be created strategically. We discuss Maven X’s approach to logo variations, review the logo variations for Maven X and Maven Edu, and discuss the importance of variations. This post will give you an input into how Maven X designed its logo and hopefully inspire you in your logo designs or prompt inspiration to modify your existing designs to be more flexible.

About Maven X, Behind the Scenes, Design, Inspiration, Series: Maven X Design

The Value In an Engaging Logo Design


An engaging logo is extremely valuable to a business. You logo is the visual representation of your business which allows you to stand apart from your competition. In this blog post we examine the Maven X logo and the branding design process that went behind it. We examine 8 logo design tips and principles, various considerations in designs, methods to use, and ultimately examine them against the Maven X logo design. We finally look at how all of these design details and principles should be documented and solidified into a branding document.

Behind the Scenes, Design, Maven X, Series: Maven X Design

Why Business Infrastructure Is Important & Why You Need It


Infrastructure is what everything is built upon. Your infrastructure applies to multiple layers within your business; the entirety of your business, different products, various teams, and processes. But what makes great business infrastructure compared to bad infrastructure? We look at a specific example at how Maven X designed and built a web infrastructure. Learn how to take a deep dive into your own infrastructure plans, what they should include, and how to approach them!

Behind the Scenes, Inspiration

Selflessly Share Your Passion to the People Around You

As an entrepreneur or even a worker or creative it is important that we tell others about our passions and show it to them. The benefits often times outweigh the negatives. However, sometimes it can be a little daunting to release your creation out into the world. So how should you share your passions with your friends and the world? How do you balance between selflessly sharing and bragging? How should you approach the method in how you share?

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