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The Future of Business Consulting Is Here!


Maven X has launched! We are a company that is equipping businesses with the best industry-standard processes, tools, and technologies. Maven X provides what we call NextGen consulting services. We currently offer three services with two more planned for the future. You can find us on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. You can expect to see great thought provoking posts geared towards young professionals.


We’ve launched! It is an exciting time for us here at Maven X as we have been working hard the past few months getting our services ready! We truly think we will be a change catalyst in the consulting world to push old and antiquated methods out and bring the future of consulting in. Our services and packages are designed to bring in a new and better experience for consulting; one that is more automated, streamlined, and personal than ever!


We figured that there is no better way for us to launch than make an all-in-one post for you to get to know us, know what we do, why we do it, where you can find us, and what to expect from us in the future. Let’s dive in!

Who We Are.

Maven X is a company that is equipping businesses with the best industry-standard processes, tools, and technologies. During the COVID-19 pandemic we noticed a disconnect between businesses in Miami, Florida and their online information. When we were looking to support local businesses we would look for their hours online to show up at the business and they were closed. We realized there had to be a better way to help businesses manage their online presence while not taking away from the focus of their business. Maven X was born! 

Miami is a booming city with thousands of new people moving here each month. Miami has been our home for years and we want to help and watch our fellow business owners succeed and thrive with this new influx of customers and business. We don’t want to only limit our services to Miami but the entire world with Miami as the shining example! 

Long story short, Maven X was founded with the help of friends and family through a collaborative process with the same heart as our mission. 

What We Do.

Maven X provides what we call NextGen consulting services. We are building and creating the next generation of consulting. What does this mean? We are making our consulting services into easy to follow turnkey solutions that are designed as being exactly what you need and nothing you don’t. We are building heavy automation to make our engagements as precise and quick as possible all while ensuring that our engagements are as personal as possible. Our automation and Client Portal provides you as a Maven X client up-to-date information and status of your projects, to-do lists, and quick access to files, statements, tickets, and so much more. 

Apart from our services and packages Maven X wants to be a hub for young professionals all over the world. We are building a community of sharp individuals who are defining and influencing their own businesses, jobs, friends and family, and ultimately changing the world. We are building this community through Maven Edu which is our online catalog of career changing courses, this blog which is our platform to share and talk about information we think is crucial for young professionals to consume, and finally our social media (Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook) where we engage and collaborate with other young professionals all over the world to share our passions and knowledge. 

Behind the Name.

Our name has been carefully thought out and we are really proud of the meaning behind our name!

A Maven is defined as, An expert or connoisseur. In everything Maven X does we want to be the best at it. We don’t do something unless we can do it right. The in Maven X acts as a placeholder for our services and products. This doesn’t limit us to only providing certain services and products in the future.

Our Services.

Maven X services are currently focused around providing the necessary tools to small and medium sized businesses to get them online and performing at their best. We do this through our strategically planned packages that allow businesses to purchase the exact package they are looking for. Our current services are the following:

Maven Web “One Package. Everything You Need.” This phrase is how we defined the Web package. Website design has always been a nightmare for most people. It’s hard, complicated, and usually expensive. The Maven X Web Package is designed to be simple, yet transparent, and give you everything you need to get your website online. All the work is done by us so you can continue to focus on your business. 


Maven Cyber“Check Posture. Re-Align. Improve.” Cyber security often isn’t performed properly by most small to medium sized businesses. In a recent shift in hacker behavior, hackers now focus a great deal on small-medium sized businesses due to their poor cyber security. The Maven Cyber package is designed to be a turnkey solution for small-medium businesses to tackle and control their security presence online. 

Maven Startup “Starting a Business Is Hard. Let Us Handle the Tech.” The Maven Startup package has been designed to handle the technology for you and let you get back to building your business in the areas where it matters. With two ways to pay, direct purchase or business equity, free up available money so you are able to use it elsewhere while still gaining all the benefits in our package!


Maven Strategy (Future) – Maven Strategy is an upcoming package that will be crucial for businesses of all maturity. The business environment is ever changing. This requires businesses to be strategically planning their new steps to stay ahead of the market. Maven Strategy will be an À la carte service allowing businesses to choose the strategy plan they need. Example strategies are things like: new technology implementation plans, productivity tool implementation plans, and other general strategy plans for various implementation needs.

Maven Design (Future) – Maven Design is an upcoming package that provides access to a collective of designers who master in a variety of different specialties. Our clients will be able to request the following designs; logos, documents, business cards, videos, general graphics, motion graphics, and so much more!

To learn more about each service, check out the links provided!

Additionally, we have Maven Edu as a separate service. Maven Edu is best summarized as “Where Young Professionals Learn.” K-12 and higher educations has failed in teaching us day-to-day skills and how to teach ourselves to be better. Maven Edu was designed to fill this gap. Our courses are a collection of skills that are carefully designed to be as concise as possible. These skills and principles have been gathered over our years as working professionals and deemed as being crucial to our own personal successes. Our courses are categorized by the following topics: self-development, leadership skills, business development, tech training, and design. 

Where You Can Find Us.

We are currently on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. We want you to join our community of young professionals! Stay informed, stay updated, continue learning, and pour into others.


What to Expect From Us.

As Maven X continues to get established and grow you can expect for us to mature ourselves. We are going to be focusing on our services and helping businesses take their online presence to the next level! 

As we learn we want to share our experiences with you! Follow us on social media to join our community. We will announce new service offerings, when new Maven Edu courses launch, new blog posts, conversation provoking posts, and so much more. We want our social media accounts to connect young professionals together more than being a way for us to only sell our products and services. We have a ton of great blog posts and social media posts planned for the next couple of months so we hope you follow, engage and learn with us as we embark on our journey into entrepreneurship together!


Maven X Founder

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