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Press Maven X: PCI 4.0 Awareness Training & Education Course Available Now!


The newest Maven Edu course is now available! The PCI Awareness Training course is a course designed and created by Maven X to provide businesses and organizations with a training course for employees to maintain PCI compliance with the new training requirements stated in PCI version 4.0. This course is meant to outsource the course creation and design processes from PCI Requirement 12.6 from your organization to Maven Edu. The course videos have been written to be generic and organizationally-agnostic so they can be viewed by any employee from any company.

View the sample lessons, the course introduction, and more at Maven Edu.

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About Maven Edu.

Maven Edu was started to share important knowledge in a modern way to young professionals. Young professionals is defined as a working professional between the ages of 18-35. But we also define a young professional as anyone who is young in their career no matter what age. Current online courses are boring and hard to pay attention to. Maven Edu was created to be a platform for creative, interesting, and engaging courses that help you learn interesting topics that will take your career farther!

K-12 has failed in teaching us day-to-day skills. Maven Edu was born from our desire to keep learning and improving ourselves. Our courses are a collection of skills that are carefully designed to be as concise as possible. Why? Over the years we found these skills to be critical to our success.

Topic Decision.

We’ve developed this comprehensive employee awareness training course on PCI DSS 4.0 compliance to help meet the new employee training requirements outlined in PCI DSS 4.0. The interactive course covers all the crucial information necessary for employees to understand data security and PCI DSS, including effective handling of sensitive information, threat identification and reporting, and the significance of their role in maintaining compliance.

What Now?

Read more and purchase the course here or on the image below! If you want to improve your time management skills in any way, this course was made specifically for you! More courses are being created all the time so follow Maven Edu on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Thank you for checking out Maven X and Maven Edu!

Noah and the Maven X Team

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