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Press: Maven Edu’s PCI 4.0 Awareness Training & Education Course Recognized As An Industry Leading Resource


Maven Edu, a subsidiary of Maven X, has been recognized by Next DLP for its industry-leading PCI 4.0 Awareness Training & Education course. Meeting the new training requirements of PCI Requirement 12.6 from PCI version 4.0, the course is appreciated for its comprehensive coverage of PCI DSS v4.0, reporting requirements, implications of non-compliance, and current threats in the payment card industry.

Press Release.

Maven Edu, a leading provider of young professional and corporate training and a subsidiary of Maven X, is proud to announce that its PCI 4.0 Awareness Training & Education course has been recognized as one of the top resources for Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance training by Next DLP, a trusted authority in data loss prevention.

The comprehensive beginner-level course, developed by Maven Edu, is designed to meet the new training requirements outlined in PCI Requirement 12.6 of PCI version 4.0. It has gained attention from industry experts for its unique approach to educating both employees and security, PCI, and governance professionals.

We are thrilled to be featured in Next DLP’s list of top 25 PCI compliance training resources. Our PCI 4.0 Awareness Training & Education course is a key part of our commitment to support organizations in maintaining the highest level of data security. This recognition is a testament to our team’s dedication and expertise.”

The course offers an in-depth employee training and education course that satisfy the new requirements in PCI DSS v4.0, with a focus on roles and responsibilities and the importance of compliance. It further explores reporting requirements, the implications of non-compliance, and the current threats facing the payment card industry.

Key topics include social engineering, phishing statistics, data protection, and related policies and procedures. The course goes beyond theory, providing practical guidance to help businesses better understand and mitigate security risks.

About Maven Edu:

Maven Edu is a subsidiary of Maven X and a pioneer in professional training solutions. By offering targeted courses that respond to industry requirements, such as the PCI 4.0 Awareness Training & Education course, Maven Edu supports individuals and businesses in their pursuit of operational excellence and compliance. As recognized leaders in the training sector, Maven Edu is dedicated to fostering knowledge and expertise in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

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