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Press: Maven Edu Has Launched! New Online Learning Platform


Maven X is proud to announce that Maven Edu is now live! See Where Young Professionals Learn with the newest online learning platform. Get access to the latest entrepreneurial, self-development, business, and skills-based courses. See the currently available courses and sign up to be notified of any upcoming courses. We hope you enjoy and learn something new with Maven Edu!

Maven Edu Has Launched!

The wait is finally over! Maven Edu has officially launched at

After many months of building Maven X is proud to introduce Maven Edu. Maven Edu is Where Young Professionals learn. The goal of Maven Edu is to help you get equipped with skills to elevate your career and personal life.

Maven Edu was started to share important knowledge in a modern way to young professionals. Young professionals is defined as a working professional between the ages of 18-35. But we also define a young professional as anyone who is young in their career no matter what age. Current online courses are boring and hard to pay attention to. Maven Edu was created to be a platform for creative, interesting, and engaging courses that help you learn interesting topics that will take your career farther! 

Maven Edu hand selects instructors based upon their professional experience and works with them to create engaging courses that help you learn. Our instructors are not perfect but they are on their way to becoming the best of the best in their fields.

Maven Edu has been custom designed from the ground up from the video production, curriculum development, the front-end website look/feel, to the learning management system. We have spent countless hours designing and testing the site to ensure that our students have the best experience learning and interacting with the website.

Benefits to Learning With Maven Edu.

Learn Curiously ๐Ÿค”

Maven Edu courses are designed to fill in the gaps where K-12 and higher education lapsed. The skills taught in our courses can take you farther in both your personal and professional lives.

Learn On Your Time, Your Way โŒš

Maven Edu courses are self-paced, shown in multiple forms (video and text), and are translated directly into various languages. We want to make our courses accessible to everyone.

Learn from Professionals ๐Ÿ‘จ๐Ÿผโ€๐Ÿซ

Our instructors are becoming the best in what they do. Instructors are hand picked by the Maven Edu team to craft a course based on their expertise.

What to Expect.

Maven Edu is already growing and we are in talks with multiple hand-picked individuals to begin writing and teaching courses based in their professional spaces. This will allow Maven Edu’s course library to grow. The Maven X and Maven Edu teams are already in the works to write and release 2-3 additional courses in the coming months.

As Maven Edu grows so will our course library, our blog resources, and our social media channel for tips/tricks, news, and anything relating to growing and learning like a young professional.

What to Do Next.


The first thing you should do is go to check out the Maven Edu site here:


Next, check out the free course introductions and purchase our first course Quit Wasting Time: Time and Task Management Techniques. Other future upcoming courses are currently listed on the site with a form where you can sign up to be notified when that course launches.


Then be sure to following Maven Edu on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to stay up-to-date with the latest news, announcements, and interesting content! As a sneak peak, check out the freebie we posted on the Maven X YouTube channel. This is an extra from the Quit Wasting Time: Time and Task Management Techniques course. In the video Noah interviews Chris Cheng from Stream of Consciousness on how he manages his time.


Finally, we would love to hear your feedback! So as you navigate the website, the learning management system, and watch Maven Edu courses send us a message with things you like, don’t like, or things we can get better at.

Thank you for sharing our excitement!

Noah & the Maven X Team.

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