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Maven Cyber Professional: Maven X’s Newest Business Line


Maven X announces the launch of Maven Cyber Professional. Cyber Professional provides cybersecurity assessments to help organizations improve their security posture and prepare for external audits.


Maven X announces the launch of its new service line, Maven Cyber Professional. The new service line aims to provide deeper cybersecurity understanding to companies and organizations to better protect their customers and data. The services include various Cyber Assessments like, AWS Cloud Security Assessment, Organizational Cyber Risk Assessment, and PCI-DSS SAQ Assessment Guidance.

Assessments Information.

Cyber Assessments are a way for companies to confirm and prove their security control effectiveness to internal teams and customers.

The AWS Cloud Security Assessment provides a full cloud security report, including findings, risks, recommendations, risk rating, and more, to help businesses identify weak points, misconfigurations, and other risks that put their data at risk.

The Organizational Cyber Risk Assessment evaluates businesses’ data and identifies the impact of a breach and the business’s readiness to address a security threat. This assessment looks at the overall cyber risk a company may face, and document it so businesses can take the appropriate actions to protect themselves.

PCI-DSS SAQ Assessment Guidance helps businesses meet compliance regulations and prepare for either internal or external PCI assessments. The assessments are performed by PCI Certified Professionals, providing businesses with documented evidence and information, insights on how to better protect their environment, and guidance to ensure security becomes continuous instead of a snapshot in time.

It is important to note that Maven X is not a PCI QSA Company, and as such, it cannot sign assessment documents or perform Level 1 assessments, which require a QSA company. Maven X can help companies who can sign their own SAQs or companies with preliminary Level 1 audit prep on their assessment guidance, preparation, and evidence gathering. You must sign your own SAQ, or if you are a Level 1 merchant, your QSA assessor is the ultimate say and signor for your reports.

Who Cyber Professional Is For.

The services are available for small, mid, and large-sized companies, companies looking for third-party validation, companies preparing for other external assessments, and companies with limited or small security professionals on staff. The assessments provide companies with a documented report of their security posture, help them be aware of security risks within their environment, and provide guidance to outline approaches to prevent future attacks.

Final Thoughts.

Maven Cyber Professional’s services aim to improve companies’ overall cybersecurity posture, better their business reputation, and reduce potential downtime.

Maven X is committed to helping companies and organizations improve their security posture, and the new service line offers a comprehensive solution to protect businesses and their customers’ data. For more information about Maven Cyber Professional, visit the Maven X website.

For more information on Maven Cyber Professional, visit the Maven Cyber Professional page or contact Maven X for additional assistance.

Click the image below to see Maven Cyber Professional in action.

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