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PCI 4.0 Awareness Training & Education Course

The PCI Awareness Training course is a course designed and created by Maven X to provide businesses and organizations with a training course for employees to maintain PCI compliance with the new training requirements stated in PCI version 4.0. This course is meant to outsource the course creation and design processes from PCI Requirement 12.6 from your organization to Maven Edu. The course videos have been written to be generic and organizationally-agnostic so they can be viewed by any employee from any company.

This course was developed by Maven X through Maven PCI.

Maven Edu courses utilize Maven Design to create video assets, film, and edit the course videos in the production process.

Maven Edu is an online learning platform Where Young Professionals Learn. Maven Edu is where Maven X helps to teach and train young professionals in various aspects of entrepreneurship, business, and technology related skills.

Organizational Benefits
  • Be Compliant with PCI DSS 4.0 Training Requirements.

  • Outsource PCI DSS 4.0 Training to Maven Edu.

  • Use either the Maven Edu LMS or Your Own LMS.

  • Be Trained on Current Payment Industry Threats (Required in PCI DSS 4.0).

  • Be Trained on Current Social Engineering Threats (Required in PCI DSS 4.0).

  • Customization of Course Slides to Your Organization. Includes Personnel Contacts, Acceptable Use Key Points, and more.

  • Receive New Course Versions Annually from Maven Edu (Must Purchase Updated Course Annually).

  • Demonstrate Course Completions + Acknowledgements to PCI Auditors.

  • Additional option to enforce users to watch all videos through completion to avoid skipping through content.

Target Audience
  • Organization’s wishing to be PCI DSS 4.0 compliant with Requirement 12.6..

  • Organizations looking to outsource training development.

  • All organization employees (General Deployment).

  • Information security or technical SMEs (Specialized Deployment).

Course Deployments

The course is designed to be deployed in two different deployments models: general and specialized. All videos and slides designated for general deployments are required for both models. Slides and videos that are optional are not required for PCI 4.0 requirements however, will provide valuable information to the specialized deployments.

General deployments are required for PCI 4.0 requirements and are intended to be presented to a general broader audience. The content and information presented in the general deployment option covers all elements as stated in PCI DSS Requirement 12.6.

Specialized deployments are optional and are intended to be consumed by security, PCI, and governance experts. This deployment will dive deeper into GRC principles and enhancing current PCI deployments in your environment.

For both deployments, your organization must be involved in the final course customization by providing the information required in the slides. These slides allow your organization to display your own organizational information to your employees. Your specific organizational information is required to be displayed in the course as required in the PCI DSS 12.6 requirements.

Overall, you can choose whether to provide a single general deployment, specialized deployment to defined internal experts or SMEs, or both deployments to defined groups at the same time.

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