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Noah Stahl’s Personal Projects

Apart from building and designing Maven X and Maven Edu as founder and president, Noah has worked on plenty of other projects both personally and with other businesses. 

Personal projects are a way for Noah to express himself completely away from business. These highlighted projects demonstrate Noah’s love for designing and being a creative. 

Always learning, always getting better, and never standing still. 

Stage Visuals Design

Through VOUS Church, Noah is a part of the Visuals Design team. While some renders weren’t used in projects, these are some of his favorites. Stage visuals are used typically on-stage on LED video walls during worship.

Album Lyrics Videos

Through VOUS Church, Noah worked with their creative team to define the direction for the lyric videos on VOUS Worship’s latest Christmas EP. This design vision was for the videos themselves, including what to shoot and how to shoot it. The vision was based upon the current plans for the music videos to shoot abstract portions of the sets in 4K 120FPS (Slow motion). From there Noah edited the videos together and added lyrics to the videos. 


Before starting Maven X, Noah started DroneFlys Miami which was a aerial photography company. This business was a lot of fun for Noah and allowed him to fly and take some awesome photos and videos in the process. Apart from the video/photography part of the work, he also designed the websites and graphics for the company.

General Photography

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