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Miami G – Maven Web Design

Miami G is a tourism experience provider in Miami, FL offering once in a lifetime experiences around Miami and South Florida.

Miami G contracted Maven X to deisgn their new state-of-the-art website for the face of their company online. Miami G wanted a custom designed website to showcase their experiences online with a look and feel that matched their approach to having fun and love of Miami.

The Miami G website that Maven X designed, provides specific visual designs but also a curated back end. Maven X provided this to Miami G through our Maven Web Package among other Add-Ons to bring Miami G’s vision to life.

Get your custom website today, through Maven X and Maven Web.

Miami G Logo

Miami G partners with other businesses in Miami to promote their experiences to other customers through QR codes. These codes must track sales from customers at various establisments all the way through checkout of an experience. There were no out of the box products to solve this issue for Miami G.


Miami G needed both a beautiful website, custom look and feel, but also the backend functionality to bring the affiliate program to life and track customer sources, checkouts, and affiliate payouts.


The solution? Custom designed workflows and code to perform various technical handoffs between platforms. This solution allows Miami G to accelerate their online growth to potentially unlimited expansions within Miami-Dade and beyond!

Screenshot of the Miami G homepage, designed by Maven X through Maven Web. Miami G provides tours and experiences in Miami, FL
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