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Maven Edu Course: Quit Wasting Time

Do you feel overwhelmed during the day with too much to do but not enough time? Do you wonder “How can other people do more in the same amount of time?” The Maven Edu Quit Wasting Time course teaches you techniques, mindsets, and concepts to quit wasting your time and increase your productivity to do more in less time.

Maven Edu courses utilize Maven Design to create video assets, film, and edit the course videos in the production process.

Maven Edu is an online learning platform Where Young Professionals Learn. Maven Edu is where Maven X helps to teach and train young professionals in various aspects of entrepreneurship, business, and technology related skills.

What You’ll Learn
  • Why time management skills are critical.

  • Identify your own personal productivity times.

  • How to shift your mindset for different situations.

  • 15 time management techniques.

  • 14 time management mindsets.

  • 10 concepts to respect other people’s time.

  • How to implement these skills into your life.

  • Includes a custom detailed peak productivity time calculator to help you discover your peak times during the day for: energy, focus, creativity, and motivation.

  • Supplemental research, links, and guides to take your learning farther.

  • Intentional in-course course tips to identify and summarize key course topics.

  • Verified and reviewed video captions.

  • Access on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

  • High quality production, video, and audio.

Target Audience
  • Anyone who wants to improve their time management skills.

Course Resources

The Quit Wasting Time course comes with a custom designed Productivity Calculator created in Google Sheets. This resource makes it easy for students to begin tracking when they are most productive at different times during the day. The Productivity Calculator asks you to rate your energy, focus, creativity, and motivation over three weeks to generate beautiful charts that show your daily flows.

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