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Maven Edu Course: How to Focus

Even if you think you can hone in your focus, you are still probably doing it wrong. Regardless if you are a very focused or distracted person, How to Focus helps you to master your concentration and focus. What do you get in return? Better focus (obviously), better productivity, more time, better results, better work quality, and so much more.

Maven Edu courses utilize Maven Design to create video assets, film, and edit the course videos in the production process.

Maven Edu is an online learning platform Where Young Professionals Learn. Maven Edu is where Maven X helps to teach and train young professionals in various aspects of entrepreneurship, business, and technology related skills.

What You’ll Learn
  • Focus mastery.

  • Techniques to identify and remove distractions.

  • How external factors can affect your focus.

  • Real examples to apply the material in your own life.

  • How to rein in your concentration.

  • Time Management.

  • Creating new and healthy focus first habits.

  • Learn how to focus on the right things.

  • 10 Mental Hacks to focus better.

  • Access to the 20 page How to Focus Course Workbook.

  • Access to the Maven Edu SMART Goals Tracker Tool.

  • Over 2 hours of concise on-demand content.

  • Supplemental research, links, and guides to take your learning farther.

  • 66 intentional in-course course tips to identify and summarize key course topics.

  • Verified and reviewed video captions.

  • Access on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

  • High quality production, video, and audio.

Target Audience
  • Anyone and everyone can benefit from focusing better!

  • Anyone who feels like their focus isn’t at its peak.

  • Anyone who wants to maximize their focus.

  • Anyone who wants practical, intentional, and proven methods and tools to focus more.

  • Anyone who wants to be more productive, improve time management, and overall personal development.

Course Resources

How to Focus Course Workbook

The course workbook is the best companion for the How to Focus course! The workbook is a 20 page downloadable document that breaks down 7 core lessons in the course to give you actionable tools and methods to put the content into action. In each lesson you will see worksheets, printable quick references, and more information on the lesson topic. The course workbook also provides additional research and links to additional material used to create the course.

Maven Edu SMART Goals Tracker

The SMART Goals Tracker helps you make your SMART goals actionable by walking you through the process and asking the right questions to create your SMART goals. In this beautifully designed Sheets document you can enter and track your SMART goals to properly track them. This tracker goes even farther by helping you make the dates actionable by setting up reminders that will remind you of your goals via email. There is no better tool that can help you create and track your SMART goals!

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