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Maven Edu Course: How to Customize HTML Site Templates for Beginners 

Discover our concise course designed for beginners to learn website creation by customizing HTML site templates. With no prior knowledge of HTML, CSS, or JavaScript required, this course offers practical lessons, hands-on exercises, and guided walkthroughs. Maven Edu, in collaboration with Maven X and Maven Design, provides a custom HTML Work Site for practicing concepts and mastering HTML customization. Join instructor Noah, a web design expert with 10+ years of experience, and learn to create beautiful, cost-effective websites with our How to Customize HTML Templates for Beginners course!

Maven Edu courses utilize Maven Design to create video assets, film, and edit the course videos in the production process.

Maven Edu is an online learning platform Where Young Professionals Learn. Maven Edu is where Maven X helps to teach and train young professionals in various aspects of entrepreneurship, business, and technology related skills.

What You’ll Learn
  • How to customize pre-existing HTML templates.

  • How to identify HTML and CSS sections to modify and make changes to text, images, styles, and add new elements and features to a web page.

  • How to host a website on AWS S3 to save on web hosting costs.

  • Understand the limitations of using HTML templates and alternative solutions.

  • Learn how to design mobile optimized websites with responsive designs.

  • Understand the basics of JavaScript for web design.

  • Access to the Maven Edu HTML Work Site.

  • Over 2 hours of concise on-demand content.

  • 40 intentional in-course course tips to identify and summarize key course topics.

  • Verified and reviewed video captions.

  • Access on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

  • High quality production, video, and audio.

Target Audience
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to customize HTML templates and create their own unique websites.

  • Anyone looking to gain a foundational understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  • Beginners who are new to web development and want to learn the basics of building and customizing websites.

  • Small business owners or entrepreneurs who want to create a website for their business.

  • Freelancers or designers who want to expand their skillset and offer website customization services to clients.

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to create and host websites for next to free.

Course Resources

Maven Edu HTML Work Site

The HTML Work Site is the best companion for this course! You will have access to the Maven Edu HTML Work Site, which is a custom basic site designed to help you practice and apply the HTML and CSS concepts you will learn in the course in a safe and distraction free environment. The HTML Work Site includes pre-designed HTML pages for select lessons to let you customize and modify HTML and CSS in a defined environment. This allows you to hone your skills and gain hands-on experience with HTML, CSS.

Screenshots of the Maven Edu HTML Work Site.

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