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CG Companies

CG Companies is a leading business consulting firm located in Austin, TX.

Maven X worked with CG Companies to assist in their overall PCI DSS compliance process. Maven X assisted CG Companies to complete their PCI SAQ through the Maven Cyber Professional PCI DSS SAQ Assessment Guidance service.

To continue their ongoing PCI compliance, CG Companies is now using Maven X’s PCI ASV Monitoring service and annual PCI 4.0 Awareness Training & Education course from Maven PCI for their employees. 

If you’re looking to achieve and manage your PCI DSS compliance with ease, check out Maven Cyber Professional and Maven PCI before your next PCI Assessment!


CG Companies faced several challenges with starting their PCI DSS assessment. They had no idea where to start to complete their PCI SAQ, leaving them uncertain about their compliance status. Additionally, they needed a PCI training course to ensure that their employees understood their responsibilities and obligations under PCI DSS. They also required a solution for ongoing monitoring of their quarterly ASV scanning to identify and address any potential vulnerabilities or weaknesses in their systems. Without these critical components, CG Companies risked non-compliance, reputational damage, and potential cyber threats.


CG Companies was challenged by the complexity of maintaining and understanding PCI compliance. These challenges made it difficult for CG Companies to pass PCI DSS compliance with their payment processor.


Maven X provided CG Companies with a comprehensive solution to their PCI compliance challenges. We first conducted a PCI-DSS SAQ Assessment Guidance service to evaluate their current security posture and complete their PCI SAQ for the current year.

We then provided them with a customized PCI 4.0 Awareness Training & Education course to educate their employees on PCI-DSS obligations as well as implementing our PCI ASV Monitoring service to fully manage their PCI ASV scans.

As a result, CG Companies was able to maintain PCI compliance and focus on their core business, with little impact to their day to day operations..


Maven X was very professional and provided super fast service and excellent execution of our project. I felt like they handled everything that we needed with little requirement or hand holding from us. They knew our needs and exceeded them. And they provided us with recommendations and a clear and detailed plan for moving forward. We will continue to use Maven X services.”


Maven Cyber Professional PCI DSS SAQ Assessment Guidance

Maven X helped CG Companies with the Cyber Professional PCI DSS SAQ Assessment Guidance service to help them achieve and maintain PCI compliance. We conducted a comprehensive assessment of their security posture, identified potential vulnerabilities, and provided them with expert guidance and recommendations for improvement. With our guidance, CG Companies was able to understand the complex requirements of the PCI DSS standard and implement the necessary controls to maintain a secure and compliant payment environment. Our solutions gave CG Companies peace of mind, knowing that their business was protected against potential financial and reputational damage… oh, and their passing compliance status!

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Maven Cyber Professional PCI ASV Monitoring

Maven X helped CG Companies achieve PCI compliance but now also to maintain compliance through our PCI ASV Monitoring service.

This service provides CG Companies with ongoing monitoring, scanning, and reporting of their payment environment to identify potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

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PCI 4.0 Awareness Training & Education Course

Maven PCI’s PCI 4.0 Awareness Training & Education Course provides CG Companies’ employees with the knowledge and skills they needed to understand PCI-DSS obligations and best practices.

The course covers a wide range of topics, including security policies, risk management, and incident response, to ensure that CG Companies’ employees had a comprehensive understanding of PCI compliance. The course is PCI 4.0 ready so CG Companies is ready for PCI version 4.0.

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