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infoedge LLC

infoedge LLC is a company headquartered in San Francisco, CA and specializes in digital, governance + risk, and customer experience consulting.

infoedge contracted Maven X through Maven Cyber Professional to assist in a PCI DSS scoping exercise for one of the largest banks on the US West Coast. This engagement included various interviews, a cohesive document of our project findings, and data flow diagrams of the environment.

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This Bank had not previously undergone a PCI DSS assessment. The Bank leaders quickly realized that they needed to contract professional resources to setup the Bank for a swift future PCI assessment and preparation action items before the assessment. As the Bank has never looked at their environment in a PCI lens before, we needed to work together with various teams at the Bank to come up with an approach.


Since this Bank had not undergone a PCI DSS assessment, we needed to start from scratch. We first needed to interview variuos technical teams to understand the environment, interpret this information through a PCI lens, identify any action items to achieve compliance, document, and generate detailed diagrams.


Through collaboration, Maven X and infoedge was able to provide incredibly detailed documentation and data flow diagrams to the Bank. Their teams now have the necessary information they need to launch their PCI assessment and feel confident they will pass and be compliant.

With both the diagrams + documentation, this Bank will be primed to immediately begin a PCI assessment with any PCI Professional, ISA, or QSA.

Note: Due to the sensitive nature of this engagement, like most Maven Cyber engagements, the name of this client is not public. Unfortunately data flow diagrams and other deliverables for this project cannot be shared publicly.

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