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Denison Yachting – Video Editing

Denison Yachting is one of the largest international yacht brokerage selling boats, yachting, and other marine vessels.

Denison Yachting maintains a robust Youtube page promoting their latest yachts and other luxuory boats for sale. To continually grow their youtube page, Denison yachting has contracted Maven X through Maven Design to be remote editors for their yacht walkthroughs.

Maven X receives footage from Denison Yachting’s professional film team where we edit videos together to provide Denison with a finished video ready to post on their Youtube page.

If you’re looking for professional video editing for your business, check out Maven Design’s Video Design services.

56' io Yacht Walkthrough

Our first engagement with Denison Yachting, turned out beautifully! This sharp looking Rio Yacht made editing the video incredibly easy!

More videos to come in the future!

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