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Cybrary, a frontrunner in cybersecurity and IT training, aimed to update their SAA-C03 Amazon Solutions Architect course from the C02 version.

To achieve this, they collaborated with Maven X. Leveraging Maven Design and Maven Edu, Maven X revamped the entire curriculum, from content creation to slide design and from recording to final editing.

The outcome is a top-tier SAA-C03 course, ensuring IT professionals receive the most current and comprehensive training to get into the AWS cloud and achieve their career aspirations.

Maven X continues to set the bar high for design and educational excellence.

Project Background

Cybrary, a leading platform in cybersecurity and IT training, is dedicated to advancing the knowledge of professionals in the field. Recognizing the rapid evolution of technology and the importance of staying updated, Cybrary sought to upgrade their SAA-C03 Amazon Solutions Architect course from the C02 version.

Understanding the significance of this course and its impact on countless IT professionals, Cybrary partnered with Maven X to ensure a seamless and comprehensive update. Maven X, with its expertise in both design and education, was the perfect fit for this endeavor.

Utilizing Maven Design and Maven Edu, Maven X took on the challenge of revamping the entire curriculum. The team meticulously crafted the course content, ensuring that it was both current and comprehensive. Every slide was thoughtfully designed to be visually appealing while effectively conveying complex information. The recording sessions were executed with precision, ensuring clarity and engagement for the learners. Post-recording, the Maven X team worked diligently on editing, ensuring that the final product was polished and met the high standards set by both Cybrary and Maven X.

The result? A state-of-the-art SAA-C03 Amazon Solutions Architect course that not only meets but exceeds industry standards. Professionals can now confidently rely on this course to prepare for their certifications, knowing that they are receiving the most updated and high-quality training available.

For organizations looking to elevate their training materials or digital presence, Maven X stands as a testament to excellence in design and education. Reach out today to discover how Maven X can transform your vision into reality.

Course Information

Cybrary Description

Ready to design and implement distributed systems on AWS? This AWS Solutions Architect Associate training course will prepare you to pass the associate-level certification exam. Gain hands-on experience with configuring AWS secure architecture, creating a custom VPC, and more.


  • Time: 24 hours of course content
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Content: Video lessons, text lessons, and interactive labs
  • Over 250 lessons total


To see the course videos and design, head over the the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate (SAA-C03) course page on Cybrary to sign up.

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