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Austin, TX Neon

Noah had the opportunity to head to Austin, TX just to experience the city experience the city and more importantly the BBQ). One night during the trip he noticed that there was an abundant soft glow of neon lights on almost every street corner. After grabbing his camera, he wondered the streets or Austin and captured these beautiful shots of different signs and character around the city.

The specific editing style is meant to give the neon that soft and subtle glow while still being the defining subject in the images. The color grading pulls back the neon a little bit and splashes color in at the right amounts to bring a vintage film feel. Finally, grain is added to some of the shots to give them that vintage and fIlm look while making the neon look incredible.

While these images and shots are very artistic, these are the capabilities that Maven X photographers have behind the lens to capture similar shots for a specific project/feel. This collection also shows the quality and perfection of the shots and edits that can be applied to any type of business or corporate need. To get photography like this with your business see Maven Design.

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