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Affordable Family Memorials

Affordable Family Memorials, a revered gravestone and memorials company in Portland, partnered with Maven X to streamline their PCI DSS compliance. With multiple payment providers, Maven X introduced a unified, easily managed platform and assisted in SAQ completion. Maven X showcases its prowess in aiding businesses, big or small, with tailored solutions.


Affordable Family Memorials was grappling with the complexities of managing three separate payment providers for different types of payments. This fragmented system posed potential risks and inefficiencies in ensuring PCI DSS compliance.


The primary challenge was to consolidate these multiple payment systems into a singular, unified platform that would not only streamline operations but also ensure stringent PCI DSS compliance. Additionally, the new system needed to be user-friendly, allowing Affordable Family Memorials to manage it with ease, while also assisting them in completing their SAQ for the new provider.


Maven X, leveraging its expertise in payment systems and compliance, introduced a new payment platform tailored to the needs of Affordable Family Memorials. This platform consolidated the three separate payment providers, ensuring a seamless transaction experience.

Project Information

Affordable Family Memorials, based in the Portland Area, stands as a testament to the enduring memories of loved ones. As a leading gravestone and family memorials company, they have been serving families with compassion and dedication, ensuring that every memorial is a fitting tribute.

In the modern age, where digital transactions are integral to business operations, ensuring secure payment processes is paramount. With three separate payment providers catering to different payment types, the goal for Affordable Family Memorials was to streamline their PCI DSS compliance.

Maven X recognized the unique needs of Affordable Family Memorials, and  embarked on a mission to simplify and secure their payment processes. By introducing a new, unified payment platform, Maven X not only consolidated the payment providers but also ensured that the platform was fully managed with ease by Affordable Family Memorials. Beyond just the technical setup, Maven X played a pivotal role in assisting the company with their SAQ from the new provider, ensuring complete compliance.

This collaboration underscores Maven X’s commitment to assisting businesses of all sizes. Whether it’s a niche family-run business or a large corporation, Maven X’s expertise ensures that every client receives tailored solutions, ensuring both operational efficiency and compliance.

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