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Strategize. Plan. Disrupt.

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Strategize. Plan. Disrupt.

Business strategy is crucial to planning business direction. Strategy is not a one and done process either.

The Maven X Strategy Documents and Productivity Tools help you and your business to plan for the future ahead. These documents and productivity tools are specifically designed to help you achieve your business goals by providing the necessary plans, implementation steps, and the solutions.

Offered Documents.

These documents cover various types of implementation strategies you might want to implement.

General Strategy

If your desired strategy isn’t listed here, we can still help! We will work with you to develop the exact strategy you need.

Starting a Business – Plan & Guidance

We will help you to plan and start your business. This document will plan how to get started, steps on how to develop your business, and plan what you need now and in the future. 

Technology Implementation Strategy

We will help you implement new software or hardware into your business structure. 

Productivity Tools Strategy

We will help you identify the productivity tool(s) you need and how to implement them into your business. 

Process Automation Strategy

We will help you reduce repeatable and mundane tasks that wastes time and resources to speed up delivery times and reduce errors. 

Marketing & Social Media Strategy

We will help you plan your marketing and social media strategies to make the most impact to your current audience and attract new audience members. 

Company Communication Strategy

We will help you solidify your external communication strategy to clearly communicate your business’s voice to the public. 

Payment Processor Strategy

We will help you identify the best payment processor and what needs to be done to integrate payments into your business channels. 

Cybersecurity + IT Policies and Procedures

Set clear technical guidance and baselines with policies and procedures. These policies are a must have for businesses of all sizes. 

Coming Soon: All policies and procedures are reviewed by a legal professional.

Offered Productivity Tools.

Necessary tools to help your business run.

Note: All Productivity Tools require a Productivity Tools Strategy Document for implementation.


Asana is a task and project tracking solution that removes the silos that might exist within your various teams.


Airtable allows you to create powerful dashboards and work with your business data by taking the simplicity of a spreadsheet and creating a database.

Hubspot (CRM)

Hubspot helps you to manage your customers, deals, and communications to ensure that no customer gets left behind. 

Accounting Software

We help you to identify the best accounting software to fit your business needs and keep track of your financials. 


Stripe is the most popular payment processor online. Stripe allows you to take payments from anyone anywhere. 

Other Payment Processors

We will help you identify the best payment processor that will integrate to your payment needs.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Manually posting social media posts is extremely time consuming. Using a marketing tool can help you better coordinate your posts.

2022 Strategy Stats

Which Side of the Statistics Are You On?

The percentage of well-formulated strategies that fail due to poor execution.
The percentage of leaders that rated implementation as equal in importance to strategy.
The percentage of leaders who rate their organization as poor at implementing strategy.
The percentage of leaders who are confident they will achieve 80-100% of their strategic objectives.

The first step is identifying the objectives and develop the plan from there. This is the foundation of all Maven Strategy offerings.


Following the completed plan, you will have everything you need to properly communicate that plan to your teams.


What good is a plan without implementation? Maven X will help you to implement your plan by using the best tools available. 

Work Examples.

See our work in action! We have partnered with a few of our clients to share some of our work with you.

Click the boxes to view the Portfolio writeup.

Miami G

Miami G is a tourism expert providing experiences across Miami, FL.

Cam Meunier Portfolio

Cam Meunier is a content creator, day trader, and salesman.

Get It Clean Miami

Get It Clean is a premium pressure washing business located in Miami, Florida.

Valley Sky Tours

An airplane sight-seeing company located in the heart of Pennsylvania.

Nothing here yet, we just launched! We have some work in the pipeline. So check back soon!

Use Cases.

Download our custom specific use case solutions to see how Maven Strategy and all other Maven X services can help you achieve your business objectives. 

This use case is coming soon.

This use case is coming soon.

This use case is coming soon.

This use case is coming soon.

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Maven Strategy allows you to choose the strategy document(s) and productivity tool(s) you need. Get the exact strategy solution you need.

Maven Strategy
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Sometimes the base service offerings aren’t enough, that’s why we gladly offer add-ons that strategically suppliment the offerings!

Networking Referrals

The Maven X Team is well connected in Miami with some very talented people. Based upon your specific strategy and implementation needs Maven X can provide referrals to connect you to the best professional for your project. 

Legal Review

Want to make sure your documents, strategies, policies/procedures are legal and lawful? Maven X partners with various legal experts in Florida and can provide legal reviews through them and their businesses to give you peace of mind.


A collection of our most asked questions to provide more insight!

What's the difference between Documents and Productivity Tools?

Documents are researched and customized documents for you and your organization based on the service topic. These are professionally written documents created to give you guidance on the topic, where you are, what you should do, and how you can get there. 

Productivity Tools are typically SaaS tools that are offered by other businesses. Maven X helps you setup and configure the application(s) to work specifically for you and your organization.

Why aren't your prices listed?

Since each document and productivity tool implementation is hyper unique to you and your organization, we cannot provide pricing online.

We will first setup a discovery call with you to identify the problems you want Maven Strategy to solve. From there we estimate the amount of research, writing time, and professional peer reviews are needed in order to provide a quote.

What does a Document Service come with exactly?

All Maven Strategy documents comes with a dually branded document with both the client and Maven X. The documents will contain plans, recommendations, implementation steps, estimated costs, and more.

Why can't a Productivity Tool be purchased without the Productivity Tools Strategy Document?

Since productivity tools work best when customized, Maven X must first document and outline the way the productivity tool(s) will work for your organization. This is a way to ensure that we are going to deliver the tool in the way that solves the organization’s issues.

The process included in the Productivity Tools Strategy Document must be completed prior to implementing any Productivity Tool, even outside of Maven Strategy. Without clear guidance, and approval from you, on the implementation method of the tool we might not provide you with the best solution. 

📈 Get Your Business Strategy on Track!

Don’t be one of the 67% of companies whose well-formulated strategies that fail due to poor execution.

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Maven Strategy helps you strategize, plan, and disrupt. Learn why you need Maven Strategy and how our offerings can help accelerate your business practices further, faster, and more accurately.

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