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Maven X Referral Program.

Help Us Grow, and We’ll Share the Benefits

The Maven X Referral Program.

At Maven X, we believe that our growth and success have been possible because of the trust and relationships we’ve built with our esteemed clients.

To show our appreciation and to expand our circle of trust, we are introducing the Maven X Referral Program.


Who Qualifies?

Every Maven X client is eligible!

Whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or have recently joined our community, we want to offer you the opportunity to be a part of this  program.


Who’s a Good Fit for Maven X?

At Maven X, our expertise is tailored to cater to a diverse range of technology challenges.

As our valued client, you have firsthand experience with our dedication and the quality of our solutions. Reflect on the transformations and results we’ve achieved together. Now, imagine those services applied to the projects and needs of your contacts.

Who in your network could benefit from a similar Maven X experience?

Who could be a good fit?

  • Small or Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) and Individuals

  • Business Startups

  • Established Firms

  • Anyone facing challenges in the tech realm and needs expert guidance to navigate the complexities.

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How Does the Referral Process Work?

Recommend Maven X by sharing your personal experiences. When your contacts approach us and mention your recommendation, we step in, ensuring they receive top-tier tech solutions, just as you did.

  • Spread the Word: Know someone who is looking for a service that Maven X offers? Refer Maven X and share our site!

  • Mention Your Name: When someone from your network reaches out to us, remind them to mention your name as their reference.

  • We Take It From There: Once we’re in touch with your referral, we’ll provide them with the best consulting experience, just as we did with you.


How Do Payouts Work?

Your trust in recommending us has value. That’s why for each successful engagement from your referral, you’ll receive a clear and timely reward.

Up to
Referral payout for each successful engagement

For every successful referral:

  • You receive a set percentage of their first completed sale with Maven X. Depending on the selected services this can be between 5-10%. 
  • The percentage will be communicated to you personally, ensuring transparency and clarity.
  • Rewards are processed at the end of the month following the completion of the engagement. This is typically within the month but can range from 1-3 months or more.

What Will Your Referral Experience?

Your endorsement means they’ll experience Maven X’s dedication and tailored solutions firsthand. We’re committed to providing them with the same high-quality service and expertise you’ve appreciated.

  1. Warm Welcome: An exclusive onboarding session introducing them to the Maven X ecosystem.
  2. Introductory Assessment: A comprehensive discussion to understand their requirements and challenges.
  3. Solutions Delivery: A tailored consulting plan designed to address their unique tech needs.
  4. Continuous Support: Access to our team for ongoing guidance, ensuring they always have the expertise they need at their fingertips.

Learn all about the Maven X Services and how they are created differently with NextGen consulting.

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