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Visually Engaging. Intentionally Purposeful. Uniquely Crafted.

Visually Engaging. Intentionally Purposful.
Uniquely Crafted.

Great design is more important than ever. Brands are competing not only strategically but also visually.

Each Maven Design package is designed to provide you with exactly what you need for your design project. We utilize some of the best artists in their respective creative spaces to provide you with visually engaging, intentionally purposful, and uniquely crafted designs that will take your branding to the next level!

General Marketing Design

Have a marketing design need that you don’t see here? Contact us for your unique design!

Social Media Photo Post Design

Receive a custom designed social media photo post template branded to you and your business for use on any social media platform. 

Social Media Video Post Design

Receive a custom designed social media video post template branded to you and your business for use on any social media platform. 

Still Image Advertisements Design

Starting to advertise? Receive a still image advertisement custom sized and branded to you and your business.

Apparel & Merchandise Design

Tired of boring business merch? Make your business stand out with custom designed apparel and merch on whatever product you want.

Website Landing Page Design

Landing pages are crucial to advertising funnels to measure success and guide potential customers to sales. Get a purposefully designed landing page custom to you and your campaign.

General Graphic Design

Have a graphic design need that you don’t see here? Contact us for your unique design!

Vector Image Design


Vector images are images that can be expanded for use on billboards, car/van graphics, or anything BIG that you want to put your brand on. Get your custom vector image.

3D Graphic Design


3D graphics can be used to enhance videos, social media posts, or showcase a new product or service. Get a custom 3D graphic for your product, service, or video.

Illustrations Design


Infographics are incredibly informational for social media and videos to provide concise information to customers. Receive custom illustrations, infographics, and more.

Video Animation Design

Video animations and video animations can sell your products and services through informing your customers. Get a custom video animation for your next project.

Motion Graphic Design

Motion graphics are used in every advertisement, promotional video, or for use in website designs. Take your business branding serious and receive custom eye-catching motion graphics for your next project.

Video Production Planning Package

Proper video production planning is necessary to ensure a successful shoot and saving money on production costs. Have Maven X plan your next production.

Video Shoot

Maven X video shoots include professional cameras, microphones, and incredible production quality and value. Tell your business, product, or service story through video to wow your customers. 

Video Editing

Following a video shoot, have Maven X professionally edit your raw video into the final project to release online or through advertisements. 

Voice Overs

Need a professional voice over for your video? Have Maven X be the voice to sell your business, product, or service to your customers. 

Video Hosting & Distribution Platform

Hosting videos takes a lot of computing resources to be fast, reliable, and cost efficient. Have your own video hosting platform to deliver videos to your customers without YouTube ads, interruptions, and delivered through multiple data centers worldwide to be fast and cost efficient.

Infographic Videos

Infographics have become popular in selling your products and services through concise information and video mediums to your customers. Get a custom infographic to sell your products and services.


Commercials are everywhere. Customer attention is always trying to be gained, and with a bad design you will lose their interest immediately. Get a packaged commercial and get customer eyes on you and your business. 

Half-Day Photoshoot

Want professional product images, office/building images, staff headshots, and more? Our half-day photoshoots include 4 hours of on-site photography for your next project.

Full-Day Photoshoot

Want professional product images, office/building images, staff headshots, and more? Our full-day photoshoots include 8 hours of on-site photography for your next project.

2022 Design Stats

Which Side of the Statistics Are You On?

Of First Impressions are Design Related
Of Consumers Will Leave a Website With Poor Graphic Design
Of Customers Agree that Promotional Videos Convinced Them to Buy Something
Of Companies Invest In Design to Stand Out From Competition
Of Website Visitors Relate Website Design to the Credibility of the Brand/Company

Design is big to consumers. Bring your design above the standards. Excel in front of the competition.


Impress your customers through beautiful design. Allow design to aid the selling process and bring strong credibility to your brand and company.


Increased sales, better reputation, favorable impressions, and a competitive edge are all benefits to great design.

Our Clients Who Use Maven Design.

Maven X was fantastic. From the moment we engaged them, they were very attentive. Their creative thinking and their eye for video production made our project look very professional. They have a gift for not only production, but also communications. Maven X went the extra mile with our project, and I’m proud to have had them on our team.

David Borrero

Florida State Representative – District 111

Live Client Designs.

See our work in action! We have partnered with a few of our Design clients to share their designs with you.

Click the boxes to view the designs.

Valley Sky Tours (Video + Photo)

Video and photo promotional materials designed to show customers what it’s like to fly with Valley Sky Tours.

Maven Edu (Video Productions)

Everything on our Maven Edu website and social media from graphics to our full video courses are designed by, shot and edited by Maven X.

VOUS Church Video Animations

Custom designed lyric videos for VOUS Church’s latest album release – I Met Jesus In Miami

Professional Photoshoots

View our portfolio of professional photoshoots of businesses and products.

Denison Yachting (Video Editing)

Denison Yachting uses Maven X + Maven Design to edit Youtube Videos of their yachts.

Branding Document

A business’s branding is everything. Having clear and concise branding guides is a must have.

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Web Packages Delivered
Clients Who Love Our Work

All Package Offerings.

Each Maven Design Package is unique! However, each package comes with the following perks*

*For specifics on each Maven Design package, see deliverables in the pricing section below.

  • Full Project Files
  • Access to Royalty Free Images & Audio
  • Non-exclusive Copyrights to the Design

Use Cases.

Download our custom specific use case solutions to see how Maven Design and all other Maven X services can help you achieve your business objectives. 

This use case is coming soon.

This use case is coming soon.

This use case is coming soon.

This use case is coming soon.


Each Maven Design package is individually designed for your project! Pick and choose what you need for your project and let us do the rest!

Inquire About Maven Design


A collection of our most asked questions to provide more insight!

How long will it take for me to get my design(s)?

Every project is different. During our consultation call with you we will give an estimated dat for project completion. 

As a Maven X client you also have access to the Maven X Client Portal where you can view the current status and progress of the project with any up-to-date timelines.

Can you help us develop our brand?

Yes! If you look at our design stats, designs are becoming more and more important to customers and brands alike. Having good designs will immediately improve your branding. 

Additionally, we parter with some incredible branding and marketing companies that can help you take your branding even further.

Do you charge for a consultation?

Nope! We want to remove any barriers between you and the best design services to help you and your business. We want to fully understand your needs before starting a project to ensure that you are getting exactly what you need. For that reason you can reach out to us anytime for anything through our contact form

Do I receive the editable source files?

Yes! All Maven Design packages include access to the source project file(s). You own the design following the completion of the project. 

Depending on the project and design tool(s) used you will receive the following file types: Photoshop (.psd), Illustrator (.ai), Premiere Pro (.pproj), and After Effects (.aep).

Will I own the completed design?

Yes and no. If your project includes royalty free audio or stock photo/videos you will have ownership based on the individual licenses. 

You will receive non-exclusive copyright of the entire design, files, and custom media created by Maven X. If your project does not have royalty free audio or stock images/video you own the complete design. Maven X will own the copyright to the design, and release the copyright for the specific project reproduction. This allows Maven X to feature the work on our website, external blogs/sites, and social media.

What is your design process?

Each of our Maven X packages are designed with step-by-step processes with each package being unique. As a Maven X client you will have access to the Maven X Client Portal. In your project page you will see all the steps we take to complete your project. 

How will I receive my file(s)?

We utilize our Maven X Client Portal to deliver all of your files. The Client Portal is a safe and secure portal for you to gain access to all project files. 

If you would like another delivery format, just let us know and we will accommodate you.

If you would like Maven X to store your media files long term, for an additional fee, we can store your files on our cloud environment for fast and easy access!

What do you need from me to begin?

We first start with a consultation to get to know your design needs. From there it depends based on the package. Most design packages do not require any other input from you (except for approvals). However, some packages require information and files from you. Through our Maven X Client Portal we will send you forms that will request this information from you. Fast and simple! 

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Maven Design is Visually Engaging. Intentionally Purposeful. Uniquely Crafted. Learn about the benefits with Maven Design and how it can transform your business and its online presence.

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